The differently and logically. You turn into the ace

The term beyond borders mean to breakthrough, to
overcome your limit, to live more, to challenge the unknown and to travel
beyond borders. The world is a vast land comprising of people belonging to
different gender, race, culture, national origin and religion which shape the
way we understand the world.

To live beyond borders means to explore outside the
confines of the country, to be limitless. The key to understanding the world we
live in is to first understand its people. Border is nothing but geographic
boundaries of political entities or legal jurisdictions, such as governments,
sovereign states and federated states. Confining yourself to these boundaries
will keep you from travelling and exploring new ideas. Thanks to the internet
and social media that the world has now become a global village where you can
interact and share ideas with people around the globe.

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Going beyond the borders also means to travel.
Travelling gives you different perspectives instead of only one so that the
unanticipated changes in life will end up not throwing you out of course as
much. You get to meet new people, share and explore ideas and learn about
different cultures and traditions. Life is only worth living if you travel and
explore, broaden your mind and are always ready to embrace new challenges. The
first and most vital step is to step out of your comfort zone because you can
never improve until you step out of it.

Having said that, when you go beyond the border you
leave behind a part of you that did not have the ability to think differently
and logically. You turn into the ace of your own self. You get the chance to
find such a great amount about yourself that you presumably wouldn’t have if
you remained in the safe.

Finally quoting Suzy Kassem and her take on the
concept of ‘beyond borders’, follows as;

”The number of ways you can live in one lifetime is
limitless. So why limit yourself? The sky is NOT the limit. Beyond the universe