“The Crocodile Birkin 40PHW” was one out of many

“The Birkin Croco – with a starting retail price of more
than €20,000 (£14,700) – and its cousin, the Kelly, named after actress Grace
Kelly, are among the most sought-after luxury goods in the world.” (Chrisafis,
The extract was taken from the journal “The Guardian” and emphasizes on the
idea that Hermes brand has lately been on high demand. However, Hermes has also
issues that it need to face when operating as an organization.

Hermes has encounter various problems such as the issue that
involve the origin of its product. The Birkin Croco bag was quite on the
spotlight since it comes in all types of materials. It was hand-made with
leather from a crocodile skin to an ostrich skin as well. The demand for the
product kept on increasing that it create a waiting list for the celebrities to
acquire those bags such as from Victoria Beckham to the Kardashians.

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Animal cruelty are divided into two categories involving a
deliberate cruelty or neglecting. The term “deliberate cruelty” refers to
beating, shooting or stabbing the animals while neglecting involve not giving
those animals food or water, shelter as well as vet care. Moreover, Peter
Singer who is an Australian moral philosopher, as well as professor in
Princeton and University of Melbourne has carry out a utilitarianism piece that
involve the concept of ethics. One of his book named “The Animal
Liberation Movement.
Nottingham, 1985.” could be taken as an example that outline how it was
truly cruel to torture those living things. Therefore, the issues that was
discovered from the Hermes organization was animal cruelty that was performed in
the production of the Birkin Croco bags.

The “Hermes Vert Fonce Crocodile Birkin 40PHW” was one out
of many of the Birkin Croco bag. It was made purely from the skin of a
crocodile. Thus, it was found that Hermes has operate its business through
animal cruelty since the crocodile was cruelly tortured and killed in order to
gain its skins. A single Hermes Birkin will takes skin from the bellies of
about three to four crocodiles. The Hermes suppliers come from a farm that run
in Texas and Zimbabwe. Through PETA, the process-making of the bag was revealed
where crocodiles were raised and killed for its well-known Hermes luxury.

The farm in Texas has alligators that were kept away from
sunshine, fresh air and clean water instead the crocodile were kept in a
foul-smelling water in dank and dark sheds. Moreover, “A worker cut into the
necks of more than 500 conscious alligators as they struggled to escape. Some
were flailing and kicking for minutes after workers tried to kill them.” (PETA, 2017). The workers stabs
knifes into the backs of the conscious animals and was further thrown into a
blood-filled ice tank and let it suffer. The PETA Mimi Bekhechi claims that
“People pay thousands of pounds for such accessories, but the reptiles on these
cruel and disgusting factory farms are paying the real price”. In addition,
Peter singer piece has shown that “The question of when it is wrong to kill
(painlessly) an animal is one to which we need give no precise answer. As long
as we remember that we should give the same respect to the lives of animals as
we give to the lives of those human beings at a similar mental level we shall
not go far wrong.”

Moreover, the farm in Zimbabwe, the Padenga has also act on
killing the reptiles in the cruelest way since the alligators were seen in
cramped concrete pits and are slaughtered at a very young age of three years
old when in the wild, these animals can live to be up to 80 years old. Therefore,
those belly skins are sent to the Hermes-tannery where Birkin Croco handbags
are created and can costs about $50,000 or more.

Furthermore, Hermes does not only produces handbags and
watch-bands that involves crocodile skin. It also manufactured handbags that
are made up of ostrich skins. One of the many is known as “Hermes Marron Fonce
Birkin Ostrich bag”. PETA revealed that Hermes supplier are linked with the
world largest ostrich-slaughter companies. Through the videos provided by PETA,
workers forcefully pushes and manhandled the ostrich onto the kill floor with
lots of them slipped and fell into the stun box.  Those ostriches were then electrically shock
on the head and the workers began to cut their throats while knifes were stuck
into its chests to let the ostrich bleed-out. Throughout the process, most of
the ostriches who are next in line has to see their members being killed. Peter
singer highlight the thinking of an animal liberationist that “They do not,
however, think that how appealing an animal is to us has anything to do with
the wrongness of making it suffer. Instead they look to the severity of the
suffering, and the numbers of animals involved.”

Hermes issues does not stay only on the origin of its
products, instead it creates an effect that deals with its customers involving
the celebrities. Since the invention of the Hermes Birkin bag was previously
created unexpectedly with the help of an actor and singer, Jane Birkin.
Therefore, when the issue of the origin was revealed where the crocodiles were
cruelly skinned and tortured alive, Jane Birkin demand her name to be removed
from the Hermes well-known bag “The Birkin Croco”. Furthermore, Hermes
reconcile and respond by confirming that there is indeed an irregular activity
in the slaughter process at its farm in Texas and will break off its relations
if it continue its unethical act.