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The cost that are complain while establishing the cell is that the company is needs to have high amount of production which the company doesn’t have and even the company uses high expensive machines so while establishing the cells the company may have to invest large capital. But there are also a large number of benefits came with the establishment of cells. It will result in the reductions of work in progress, flow time, scheduling transactions, and even lower transportation with in the job.Dean should sell the idea to the Joiner manager and to the workers at the begging of the concept stage. Converting to the JIT system means that this will be a project of managing change. Most projects of this kind do no success because employees are not willing to accept this kind of change. Therefore, it is a critical success factor to include the workers from the very beginning in order to make them contribute to the process.In fact the success of the changing depends on the early contribution of the workers because they are in the best place to come with ideas on how to maximize the efficiency of the designed process. Therefore, it is critical to consider maximizing the number of contributions from the workers because they will eventually be responsible for making the new operational processes effective.The cell work will be different because the entire floor of the department would be divided into small cells that would specialize indifferent parts of the product manufacturing process. The location of the equipment was not specified. However, that will all change with the changing to the cell manufacturing system.The new system would also be different in terms of the workers will handle an individual cell rather than being responsible for all parts of the process. It would also include training the workers to adapt to the cell operational, the Joiner Manager would need to supervise less and would be in more of a support position.Dean should apply the suggested changes because the project is one of managing change. Therefor the management should build an organizational culture that is based on the process of innovation. Employees are the most important asset of an organization and therefore the top management should create the best working atmosphere designed to improve employee satisfaction. This is critical matter because the existing processes are going to be redesigned basically. This means that Dean will have to sell the idea to the workers due to the cell manufacturing system will entail completely different work processes. Therefore, Dean should implement the suggested changes in order to bring about cultural.The risks came with Dean’s proposal related with the costs that will be incurred as a result of the factory floor being rearranged. There will mean that the work will stop because of the implementation process. The main challenge for Dean is to manage project implementation in such a way that the normal process flow is not disturbed during moving period. Also, the risk will include the employees not being motivated enough to move to a new manufacturing method. Additional costs will be the formal training and development programs that will have to be implemented in to help the employees adapt to the new structure. Also, the equipment has to be upgraded from time to time. These upgrades might be costly.