The concept of danger is imminent in today’s atmosphere

     The concept
of danger is imminent in today’s atmosphere of modernity and technology. As we
see progress in intelligence and success we also see a progress of greed. The
front page of newspapers is flooded with stories of theft, espionage, and
harassment or stalking. Therefore the security and protection of assets is
vital today. You need to be protected as well. This has paved the way for
various online websites and companies that provide you with safety and


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     Security and investigations companies have
an effective risk mitigation system that charts out the various ways adversities
can be avoided with minimum intrusion and cost. It is best to select companies
that have a well drafted and clear website stating their protective services
and various forms of security. For example JMN Investigations and Security
Services deal with all major types of security that are well listed in their
website. There are various situations under which it is best to hire security
services like protective escort for high-end jewellery shows or during large
celebrity events.

     Security is also advised for witness
protection or union strike forces or sensitive government issues regarding the
public. People also seek for security immediately following a hostile threat or
encounter in the workplace or even domestic violence for that matter. Security
companies are very quick on their feet; they have the capacity to adapt to
changing landscapes and are trained to have a good presence of mind if some
change of plans or inconvenience arises. They have experience that allows them
to arrive at solutions.


     Corporate sectors, especially rich successful
ones have high levels of unwarranted risk. Private investigators are required
for companies and business deals prone to forgery and leaks. Threat’s like these
are of two types- internal and external. Industrial espionage, theft and fraud
rings and trademark infringement are just a few of the things your company may
experience as external threats. Internal thefts like employee theft, hostile
threats, policy violations and internal corruption are more dangerous because
they are least suspected and come at a surprise. From background checks of
employees and cameras to protecting systems against hacking, copying data etc.
security companies provide every necessary measure needed. In case of lawsuits
or harassment charges attorneys are also provided.


     Be it corporate sector or government
officials (even celebrities for that matter) physical protection becomes as
important as asset protection. Threats can range from forgeries to terrorism
and anything in between. Worse still, families get dragged into this mess. In
this case executive protection becomes an important factor in risk mitigation.

     Security services of venues are different
than those of individual people. The latter have higher risk and thus
mitigation and risk management becomes more carefully charted and executed
which a careful assessment of the risk beforehand. It is also important that
these measures are taken without disrupting the everyday life of the
individual. Unobtrusive security measurements like residential and office
security surveys; advice on security system design and installation, travel
security advice, driving and mobile security training and close protection
teams are often reassuring.


    Celebrities are the most followed people of
the world. Courtesy the social media they are stalked harassed and subject to
unwanted attention by fans. In such cases, celebrity security is a dire need of
the hour for them. Security companies need to provide efficient security to
prevent stalking, harassment and unwanted paparazzi attention. Airport pick-up
services, escorting during public events, travelling escorts and protection
etc. are few examples of the help required. Also, for celebrity security and
other public sphere officials non-disclosure agreements are very vital and help
create a long term faith and loyalty in the service company. This is mainly
because people in public positions are often particular about privacy and
protecting their identity.

EVENT SECURITIY                                              

     Events like Corporate Events, Shareholder
Meetings, Promotional Events, Exhibitions, Trade Fairs, Media Lunches, Concert
Events, Dance Events, Festivals, Public Mass Gatherings and Private functions
all require event security. There are few basic fundamentals of event security
that all good security and investigations that event managers seek and company
should provide. Few of those are- Protective Escorts, Vehicle Searches in high
risk areas, evacuation plans and procedures experienced security agents and
surveillance techniques among many.


     One of the essential factor to hiring a security
company is thorough research of the security companies itself that you are
going to assign the task of protecting you. Companies that hire licenced and
insured private investigators are more trustworthy. Fundamental requirements
like background checks and licence and insurance papers should not be missed. With
today’s technology it is easier to extensively vet someone for example using
the fingerprint database, checking for prior crimes in police records,
questioning neighbours and co-employees etc.

     These few steps might seem overreaching
yet are essential because you will be putting your entire trust on group of
strangers that you have hired, you will feel much more secure if you know
everything about the employees that the company has hired to protect you.