The children’s play areas, public artworks and walking trials.

The design started from path and waterways, proposed by
the Timber Lodge and café. After that, in 2014 March, Aquatics Centre, designed
by Zaha Hadid, which is open for public use: swimming, diving sessions. In same
year Velo Park opened, containing tracks, BMX and mountain biking. At the end
children’s play areas, public artworks and walking trials. Are also built. In
May 2014, the tennis courts and hockey pitches were also opened – The Lee
Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.

Support for social enterprises, new clusters of businesses and skills
training will contribute to London’s competitive advantage and support the
regeneration in east London and the wider goal of convergence. Queen Elizabeth
Olympic Park will full its potential as a major investment location and a key
economic asset in London.

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The Park will provide high quality facilities and infrastructure for the
new and emerging sectors of London’s economy including research, innovation,
education, digital media and technology, and creative industries.

In toilets the
installation of a shower hose, bidet and given into consideration orientation
of toilets – if possible to ensure the toilet pan doesn’t align with Meca. The overall concept was to design a place, where everyone
can safely gather and enjoy facilities, regardless old age, gender, race,
faith, sexual orientation or disability. It was maintained by sets out the
Legacy Corporation.

Attention given on circulation and movement in and around the park,
specially the access to waterways and public areas. Special attention given to
elderly and disabled people, particularly people with mobility or visual
impairments. Designers team believes, appropriate lighting could be critical to
the success of the Olympic Park and to maintain safe neighborhoods. Lighting also has
security implications where CCTV cameras are used. Natural Light Bright
sunlight can make it harder for people to detect and avoid potential hazards,
especially those with poor contrast with their backgrounds, for example,
structural glass. Reflections can cause visual confusion and reflected glare
can dazzle a person.  Artificial light
should be used as to maintain the specific circulation in route, as venues,
entrance, exit points and place where people could be gathering.  People from diverse cultures and faiths (black,
Asian and other ethnic groups) come in and socialise which makes London a
metropolitan City.