The can make the whole world a better place

average American generates about 4.4pounds of waste a day. Out of these, only
1.51pounds are recycled. The rest is sent into landfills that emit dangerous
gases into the same atmosphere that people live in, causing immense problems to
the societies around. This does not leave the situation unanswered or without
solutions on what can be done or should be done as a collective people
especially by those who are in the campus looking for higher learning. They
have been exposed to more ideas and ways in which they can make the whole world
a better place by taking the leading position in creating awareness among their
peers and the society. This change can only be impacted if the people
themselves drive it. There are different ways in which this can be achieved and
benefit the university.

            Going green through transportation
is an initiative that can work seamlessly across the campus. There are
different modes of transport being used on a daily basis by thousands of
students that emit CO2 into the air in large quantities, which affects the
environment. It is important to understand that transportation is an integral
part of the students’ daily lives and cannot be done away with. However, there
are alternatives that can be applied to cub this excess CO2 emissions. For
example, by introducing electric club carts and electric cars as the only mode
of transportation across the campus, the emission of CO2 from approximately 500
cars that move in and out of the university through deliveries, transportation
of students and lecturers and transportation of goods required at the campus on
a daily basis can be eliminated completely. This can be an initiative towards a
greener and fresher environment in the campus. Raising of the awareness of the
dangers of CO2 emission around the campus can be beneficial in involving more
students to participate in the cause. Measures like creating charging ports all
across the campus can be an initiative that will involve and encourage students
in going green from the automobiles they purchase. Creating that culture of
awareness and working towards a cause will help the entire campus in moving
toward the green direction.        

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            Sweden is a country that has
revolutionized completely how recycling can affect a society. Sweden’s
recycling initiative is so advanced that they import trash from other countries
in order to recycle it and find different uses for it. Sweden burns trash and
converts it into electricity while emitting zero gases into the atmosphere.

Sweden is so environmental conscious that it has announced that it will soon be
passing a zero-deforestation policy in the region. Most of the campus’s trash
is left idol in the landfill where it does nothing but harm the environment.

With the collaboration of environmentalists, architects and engineers, the
campus can be able to come up with a plant that recycles, reuses, and burns
trash to produce its own electricity. This would imply that the campus would be
a system inside a system running itself completely. If the plant can be able to
produce sufficient electricity to run the entire campus, then the
redistribution of electricity funds may be allocated to a more sufficient cause
that would benefit the students. The burning of trash with zero gas emission
means that no toxic gases will be emitted into the air. This goes to benefit
not only the campus but also the surrounding community. Also, with recycling in
an environment like a campus comes creativity of all sorts from art sculpture to
projects to new innovations and purposes. This helps in broadening the students’
minds on thinking and living unconventionally.

            Through the reuse of most trash and
the production of energy by burning them, the land mills will only get smaller
and finally disappear. This means that all the dangerous methane gases that
land mills emit will no longer be an issue. An environmentalist initiative may
be taken to recreate such pieces of land into recreational facilities such as
parks of small forests where some of the species of animals found in the
community may find shelter or co-exist in harmony with human beings. It may
also be converted into a park that can be used as a leisure spot for the campus
and the community at large. With the available labor of students, this project
may be accomplished in a very short period of time. If every student participated
and dedicated themselves into planting one tree, then the recreation park would
be up and running within a year. Trees clear our air for us, they take in what
we do not need and provide us with what we need. It is important for all people
to consider going green: especially in the campus. How students conduct
themselves in the campus goes a long way in how they will lead tomorrow’s
people. Going green is a big step in changing not only today but also tomorrow.