The between them. As a result, the UN decided

The UN is an organization which aim to maintain peace between nations. They are consisted of 5 Permanent members whom are China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Moreover, maintaining peace is not its only duty, it also works on preventing the trade of nuclear weapons and helping refugees by giving them supplies like food and shelter. However, this organization sometimes cannot maintain peace between nations. They even could oppress some countries. The UN was involved in problems of many countries, such as Palestine, Lebanon, and Yemen.

Palestine is a holy land because it has the Al-Aqsa Mosque. In 1947, the Palestine Arabs were fighting with the Jewish refugees who lived there. During this fight, the Britain who are a permanent member in the UN asked the UN members to try to maintain peace between them. As a result, the UN decided to divide the country (Palestine) into two parts. The first part was an Arab state and the other was a Jewish state. Moreover, a civil war begins between the Muslims Palestine and the Jews, because they didn’t like the UN plan of dividing the country into two states. Furthermore, the civil war was a reason to make the Muslims ran away and go to another country. So that led to make the Jews gain more lands from the Muslims. In 1948, when the Jews gained a lot of lands they declared that Palestine is a state of Israel. The Arab countries decided to help the Palestine and go and try to take down this Israel state. The UN tried to make its duty to maintain peace but it failed in this. Also, there was no peace treat was signed and the war didn’t resolve that’s make us know that the UN are weak and couldn’t make any peace between nations.

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Lebanon was the country where the PLO members make their base in. from there they sent attacks on Israel. As a result, Israel wanted to take revenge, so they sent an air attack on the base in Lebanon. In 1975, conflicts begin between Christians and Muslims so that led to a civil war in Lebanon. Israel used this chance and supported the Christians and then invade the country in 1978. When the UN tried to take actions and stop this war, they passed resolution 425 and ordered Israel to leave Lebanon and they also sent some troops to help the Lebanon people. Finally, Israel withdrew but they give 10 km of their land to an Israeli Christian leader. As a result, that make Israel has the access to enter Lebanon at any time they want. After a while, Israel attack Lebanon again in 1982. Moreover, the PLO members were forced to leave Beirut. The UN again tried to maintain peace by sending troops to Lebanon and fight with them to prevent Israel from taking more lands from Lebanon and to stop this fight. Unfortunately. the UN failed again and they couldn’t maintain peace.

In 1962, a big civil war started in Yemen. This civil war was between by the republicans who were supported by Egypt and the royalists who were supported by Saudi Arabia. During this war, the royalists asked for the help of the UN. Nevertheless, the Saudi Arabia and Egypt agreed on a decision by themselves which was to withdraw their forces from Yemen. However, the conflict was solved without the help of the UN.

To sum it up, these three conflicts show us that the UN tried its best to resolve the problems and to maintain peace between nations. However, it may fail in this but some times it works like what happen in Lebanon. Also that’s show us that the un should improve its forces and way of thinking to be a successful organization to achieve its goals in maintaining peace.