The be able to watch and understand what BTS

The Kpop (Korean pop) group BTS has a total of seven members: Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jung Jungkook. The seven South Korean members of BTS came from a small company, BigHit Entertainment, who, at the time of the group’s debut in 2013, was in debt and other financial problems. BTS was able to overcome the struggles they had gone through in their earlier years and prove that a Kpop group should not have to come from an affluent company to be successful in the Korean music industry. With their outstanding dance, coordinated performances in multiple genres, deep meaningful lyrics that take on a broader topic, and a close relationship and deep emotion they have with their fans, they prove how successful and well-liked they are by many people around the world. Critics have argued that people can not appreciate artists like BTS whose core audience may not understand the song due to the language barrier. Although some listeners may not be fluent in Korean, the music BTS produces transcends all languages and cultures with the ardor and affection they put into every song they have produced. Fans of BTS, who go by the name of ARMYs, always make sure that all the music videos, songs, awards shows, behind the scenes videos, and posts made by BigHit Entertainment and BTS are translated in many languages for all the fans around the world to be able to watch and understand what BTS is saying. In fact, some fans become so involved in BTS that they are willing to learn Korean to understand what BTS is saying. As of matter of fact, BTS is well capable of singing and dancing to intense choreography. Before any comeback stage – a new album or single being performed on a music tv show – or concert, BTS practice for more than 10 hours perfecting their choreography. It takes immense energy to not only sing but also dance at the same time.  BTS performs different songs from multiple genres: hip-hop, r, edm, electronic, pop, and rock. The diversity of BTS’ albums attracts many fans from multiple genres. BTS have collaborated with well established western performers: Desiigner, Chainsmokers, and Steve Aoki. The most important part of an artists album is lyrics. Lyrics are what represents an album. BTS are socially conscious and they devote their time to writing purposeful lyrics that will encourage listeners to love themselves and others in a world full of cruel and evil people and to speak up against the norm. One of BTS’ songs, Spine Breaker, lectures the youth on how materialistic they can be, how the class system is divided into people who have tangible items and people who do not, and how the youth will do anything they can to fit into society at the cost of the parents hard work and dedication. BTS is not afraid to speak of political and social issues that pertain to society. The fans of an artist are what makes them well know. The ARMY’s feel connected to BTS since their debut. To show how grateful they are and to maintain the close relationship they have with their fans, BTS have had fan meetings, share life moments on their twitter, go live on the app V Live, and posts YouTube videos. Even BillBoards have recognized the passion ARMYs have for BTS, and vice versa, that they nominated BTS for a social artist award and with the votes of millions of fans BTS won an award that Justin Bieber had previously won for six consecutive years. BTS has been getting recognition all over the world due to the hard work ARMY’s put in. Ultimately, BTS has come a long way since their debut with their exceptional choreographies, socially conscious lyrics, and the connection they have with their fans have made BTS successful not only in South Korea but the United States as well along with the world. BTS went through struggles to get to where they are now. BTS went from being underdogs and underappreciated to international superstars.