The away. Even if women decide to do so

story shows how was the life of women was in 1800’s and how women can get away.
The women name Mrs. Mallard is the main character in this story and shows how
she feels about her husband’s death, she is also suffering from heart disease.
Mrs. Mallard heard the news of her husband’s death by her sister and Richard.
And she feels sad and excuse herself and goes to her room but after going to
the room she is the obviously sad but also feeling immense happiness. She is
happy for being free from her husband. The story how women use to live their
lives in 1800’s.

            The women Mrs. Mallard is a
housewife who is not allowed to work or get the job or if any women are not
happy in her marriage than also they are not allowed to divorce or run away.
Even if  women decide to do so they
cannot, They do not have any money or any job where they will run. So, the
story starts with the news of Mrs. mallards husband death. when she came to
know about her husband’s death she went to the room and tell her sister not to
follow her. She was sad, but a feeling of happiness also went through her body.
She thinks now she is free. At that time the only way to get out of any
marriage was if she died or her husband dies. When she heard her husband died
she was happy of being free which is very rare at that time. She was planning
her rest of the years of her freedom. She was free to do stuff for herself. She
was free of doing the stuff for her husband. She can also put her happiness
first and does not have to answer anybody but herself, she does not have to ask
for anything to anybody. She was happy with little sadness.

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that happiness of Mrs. Mallard was not for too long her sister asks her to come
outside the room. She came while she was coming downstairs the front door
opened and Mr. Mallard was at the door and he was alive. As soon as she
realized her dream of freedom for rest of the years was shattered she collapsed
on the floor at that moment. She was taken to doctor and doctor told everyone
that she was dead. Her husband was not aware of his death story put outside by
his company till now. And when Louise’s sister told him that his company put the
list out of the people killed in the railroad disasters. So, she gave the news
of that to Mr. Mallard and he said that he was working far away from the
disaster and he was alive his company might have by mistakenly printed his name
on the list of killed people. The author was that Mr. mallard’s wife just died
and after this now he is talking about all this. Mr. Mallard is not so sad
about his wife’s death because he still has an option to remarry and start his
life all over again. On the other hand, the women of that time were not given
that option.

            The story of an hour describes the
situation of women in 1800’s sand how he was bind to husbands living and not
have any freedom of living their own life. How she always put her husband and
family first before herself and does not have any type of freedom. Even if she
is not happy with her marriage than the only way to escape is either she dies
or her husband. Because as she is not allowed to go school or any type
education, she cannot have any job and if she does not have any job she does
not have any money. So, she does not have any way to run away from her
marriage. So, she was very happy with the fact that her husband died, and she
has her rest of the life to live according to her. She does not have to answer
anybody but herself. When she came to know that her husband is alive her dream
came to pieces.

            In conclusion, the dream of Mrs.
Mallard of an hour was coming to end when she sees her husband alive. Because
when she got the news of her husband she was sad, but she was also very happy
that now she can live her rest of the life freely. But, as she saw her husband
walking in the door the dream she was having from and was broken and the shock
of that she cannot handle it and died of the stroke. As she was already having
heart disease and this shock bring her heart attack and that is how this story
shows the way women were treated or lived their life in 1800’s.