The Asia, philippines, Mexico, Central America, and latin America.

The Major Waves of United States Immigration (1790-Present)Currently in the United State there are 41 million immigrants, and 10 million of those immigrants are in California. This essay is about the four waves of immigrants from Pre 1790 – Present Day.  When we have a better understanding of the four waves of immigration we can see America’s story of immigration.In the year 1000 vikings would come to America then 500 years later Europeans would migrate to America, but Europeans had to cross the Atlantic Ocean and had to suffer from sickness, disease, overcrowding, and the lack if food. But when Europeans herard that America provided Political/religion freedom more Europeans started to migrate to America. In the year 1790 – 1820 the first census counted there are about 3.9 million in America. The war of 1812 slowed immigration for a while and slowly started to keep up its pace.The second wave took place in 1820-1880, people from africa, china, canada,  Austro Hungarian, britain, irish,  and the german empire. People were treated horrible because of their skin color, and the way the looked. People accused immigrants of stealing jobs other people, people made fun of immigrants because of their religionThe third wave took place in 1880 – 1930. People all over northern, southern, and eastern europe immigrated to the U.S for democracy, economic opportunity freedom of religion, available land, and jobs. When people arrived people were getting hate anti nativism backlash, and chinese people had difficulty bringing their family to america because of the chinese exclusion act. The first wave took place in 1965 -2000. During this phase  about 10+ million people people came from  Asia, philippines, Mexico, Central America, and latin America. In 1924 – 1964 4 million Jewish and slavic people had to serve in WWI and WWII. People from Germany and italy were treated poorly.  The immigration reform act of 1985 happened because at, the time illegal immigrants started to show up in America. Most immigrants ended up in Mexico or in Canada.