The as the history of LGBT communities and its

film “Major!” was impressive in one word. It clearly shows her personal story
and as well as the history of LGBT communities and its struggle that has been
trampled from the 1960s to even today by those who lived in. It is very
critical and talks about how a system of the prison industrial complex destroys
and violates each human’s right. I found unfairness of just because they are
LGBTQ, they have gone through police brutality and incarceration in men’s jails
and prisons. Miss Major Griffin-Gracy is a 75 year-old Black transgender elder,
a community leader and human rights activist. She did not give up on what she
has believed and worked with resistance and resilience. She has been fighting
to connect communities(Trans women of color particularly) to many people around
the country and internationally as well. She has been called as “Mama” by many
people in her community. She also has gone through many social injustice,
discrimination, inequality as a veteran of the Stonewall Rebellion and a
survivor of Attica Prison. After watching the film, I deeply stopped to think
about what they have been gone through. This was something I never thought
about before ever in my entire life. My point is that, whether you support LGBTQ
communities or not, I don’t think you should judge any of them in either way.
They are also humans. Whether they are right or wrong, if they find true
happiness in their life, wouldn’t it be enough for them? I mean, can you
imagine fighting for over 40 years to achieve and protect one thing: the
rights/justice/equality of trans women of color?

As we
discussed during class, we had four questions which I never thought about
before and I never knew any answers. I know it has been only second week, but I
thought I should beware more of these questions. Maybe, because I personally
have categorized on fixed sexual identities? The question of what defines the
word “Queer,” Jagose empathizes there is no exact definition of the term
“Queer.” I can connect this concept to one thing that I was very impressed from
the class discussion today by defining the term “Whiteness.” It actually does
not only count towards white people, but also people of all ages and races. The
way of thinking that is associated with privilege is also whiteness. The term
“Colorism” is also close to whiteness. So, I can have whiteness(white privilege).
By thinking about these questions from the reading and discussion in the class,
it expands my mind and idea to create new ways of thinking on fixed sexual
identities, gender, race, and sexuality. I have a friend and she also does not
like to be called as a Lesbian. So, as I read the book “Queer Theory,” I
started being more respectful and careful towards LGBTQ people because I have
already categorized people in only two genders. Queer theory is an approach to
reject traditional categories of gender and sexuality in terms of literature
and culture. This can be related to one question that I posted last week, which
was about what are certain behaviors considered to be abnormal for a certain
gender. If I reflect to the time I worked as a church youth teacher, it was
Christmas season, and we provided presents for boys and girls. We gave boys a
blue yoyo and girls a pink. I accidentally gave one boy a pink yoyo and he said
as he was upset that he was not a girl and he should have got a blue one. I
mean, this is the problem. Even from a young age, kids categorized of gender
and sexuality as he thought boys should get a blue yoyo and girls should get a
pink yoyo. As Miss Major said all humans including trans people have be equal.
Would there be a world, which coming out and identifying oneself as LGBT and
their family support them instead of disowning them and finally being called by
whatever they want, coming and waiting in the future?

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