The are expected to mix with people from other

The importance
of security to IT cannot be over emphasized and this grows daily as information
is steadily moving to cloud. Public and private institutions are constantly being bombarded
with never ending floods of cyberattacks and as such, aim to improve the security of their infrastructure without
impacting functionality and ease of use. Cybersecurity
professionals with the right skills and character are in high demand to defend
and protect such organizations and sometimes even strike back against hackers. A
master’s degree in Cybersecurity from your reputable institution would make me
eligible for such positions. I am well aware of the financial implication of embarking on this
program.  I studied
Information and communication engineering for my first degree. During which I
learnt about how information is processed and transmitted through mediums and
the importance of securing it for confidentiality, integrity and
accountability. I have been triggered since then about this. There
has been a two year gap in my studies after my bachelor degree. My first year was spent serving my country in
the NYSC program aimed at bringing about unity in the country and to help
youths appreciate other ethnic groups. During which graduates are posted far
from their cities and are expected to mix with people from other tribes, and
family background. During this period, I worked with the National Judicial
Council. I took classes in certified ethical council and also got a cisco
network associate certification in security. I
spent 10 months working in a Technology company as a systems engineer. During
this period, I worked with the Fortinet and cisco solutions. I am currently
working for another technology company as a systems engineer in IT security.
During this period, I worked with solutions like McAfee, RSA and Fore scout. I
feel this is the right time to get a masters degree in Cybersecurity, as I have
equipped myself with the necessary skills, aptitude and work experience in
Information Technology I chose to study in
Australia rather than my country because firstly, cybersecurity is not
available in my home country as a specialization and if it were to be
available, it would not be taught in the same capacity as it would be in
Australia because Australia has a reputation of adopting new technologies at a
faster rate than my country considering the fact that the course is technology
associated. Secondly unlike my country where education is more theoretical than
practical, Australia institution deliver practical and career oriented
training so graduates can be confident they have the skills demanded by
employers. In terms of work opportunities compared to education in the UK which
also has highly ranked schools, International students have the option to temporarily
work in Australia after their course. The Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass
485) facilitates this. This visa allows students from both the Graduate Work
Stream as well as the Post Study Work Stream. This combined with the Australian
economy and low unemployment rates makes it a good destination for learning.The company I
currently work for has offered to retain me if I decide to come back. I also
intend to take some professional certifications.

Once I complete my degree, I
intend to temporarily work in Australia. The Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) allows
international students to work temporarily after completing their intended
studies. This visa allows students from both the Graduate Work Stream as well
as the Post Study Work Stream. After that I will come back
to my home country to use the knowledge and experience have gained from the
UniSA and also the work experience I gained in Australia organization to work
in my home country for a while before building my own company.Inline with my interests,
I intend to work in an IT-related industry after which I would start a
consulting company of my own. A Master of Science degree in CyberSecurity will put me
on the map in the IT industry as well as increase my expertise. Thus, I would appreciate it if my application is considered
by the admissions office.

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