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The industrial revolution was an economic transition to machinery use. which lead to economic growth of a society,  starting in Britain later influencing other countries to do same. it caused for change, new inventions were created during this time which leads to the conveniences of the people. Prior to the industrial revolution hand production methods were done at home, after the industrial revolution,  machines use and machine tools lead to the increasing number of factories being built. Inventions created during this time usually were beneficial to society, such the power loom created a faster production rate for things like clothes and with high demand .lots of people were needed to operate these machines whereas people were also in need of pay. So the willing population of children and women were put to work. For these similar items demands causing many factories to be built. Many known inventions today were sparked during this time. Prior to the industrial revolution, people lived on countrysides whereas during the industrial revolution immigrations rates increased in cities, known as urbanization.   with urbanization, people grew accustomed to the easier life and made the move from farm life to cities life as factory workers needed this lead to the population growth of areas.   Factories during the industrial revolution were dangerous to work an environment for the  children and women  who often worked  There they developed   breathing issues from all the smoke produced, worked very long hours  for little pay and zero to little breaks if you got injured   you would most likely lose your job and receive zero help  but with more products being made. retail prices went down making  things affordable for a majority of people   With more people moving to cities for suitable life things like tenements were built  and with so many people  lots of the housing contains no windows  and were extremely dark at night over al living conditions were unsanitary  as people lacked understanding how the disease was spread new discoveries around this topic  lead to major medical advancements. And help spark new ideas which lead for more change .