The and findings throughout Europe. This set in motion

The discovery and implications of the Fibonnaci numbers, in which
Leonardo Pisano Bigollo introduced, still are very relevant in the modern era.
Leonardo, nicknamed “Fibonacci” is considered one of the most influential
Western mathematicians of all time due to the ground-breaking mathematic
theories he made. His best-known work is the “Fibonacci sequence”, in which
each new number is the sum of the two numbers preceding it As a child he travelled
around the North of Africa, of where he learnt of Arabic mathematics and
starting his journey of redefining mathematics. In this part of his life he
studied and learnt the many layers of mathematics and later returned to Italy,
sharing his knowledge and findings throughout Europe. This set in motion the
redefining of mathematics all over the world. His significant impact on
mathematics has intrigued many mathematicians throughout the centuries to delve
more deeply into his findings.

This investigation aims to
discuss and explore the history of the implications of the Fibonacci numbers,
from around 1202 AD to the modern era, 2018 and exploring the current day
influence of the sequence of numbers. The most well-known implication of the
Fibonacci sequence of numbers is in relation to nature in the forms and designs
of animals and plants which has also been converted into various forms of art,
architecture and music. From the beginning of the Fibonacci numbers where it
was used for breeding, to the middle ages where it was used for art and
architecture and finally to the modern era where it is used for the stock
market and for studying purposes such as nature.

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He began by writing a very unprecedented
mathematics book named “Liber Abaci”, which translates to “Book of Calculation”,
where he frequently promotes the use of the Hindu-Arabic numeral system over
the current system of the Roman numerals. He describes the many benefits it
beholds for merchants and mathematicians, as well as the advantages of being a
much more efficient system. The new syste