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The shooting would have been avoided if background checks were done and if an effort was made to prevent people like the shooter from getting access to the guns used in the shooting. Many states have strict gun control laws that are effective. However, Nevada has less-restraining gun control laws, and so the shooter was able to obtain these weapons. If only, like other states, Nevada had restraining and stricter gun laws, then the shooting could have been prevented. Although some modifications are outright illegal according the federal law, some states allow minor modifications that can make a gun more lethal. Adding modifications can give shooters to ability to fire faster, shoot from a range, and to make the bullets more deadly. In this case, the Nevada shooter put on a bump stock, which made the weapon fire faster, and optic sights which made the shots more accurate. This made it easier for him to shoot at hundreds of people within a short period of time. Also, if extensive background checks were done, then the shooter may not have got access to the guns. Other examples include the San Bernardino shooting and Sutherland Spring shooting in which many laws were broken prior to the shooting in order to get access to the weapons.Amendment II more important than the other twenty amendments listed in the constitution for many reasons. Firstly, it guarantees civilians a right of option for which they can defend themselves. Defense in crime is very important because it deters crime, eventually stopping it all together. Other amendments in the constitution do not offer means of protection and freedom through which citizens can use protect their rights themselves. Secondly, this amendment was originally meant to promote the right of the general population, not a specific minority. Because of this, every legal citizen can benefit. Amendments XIV, XV, XVI were all originally meant to give African Americans the same rights as any other citizen. Amendments XVII, XX, XXII, XXIII, and XII all benefit members of the government, not the general population. Thirdly, this amendment comes along with a controversial debate, and either side of of debate brings many benefit to the general population. No other amendment brings this much debate and benefit to the general population than this amendment. Finally, the second amendment is one of the most helpful amendments in court cases. This amendment is constantly brought up. Many people use this amendment to defend themselves in murder cases and civil lawsuits.Amendment II is one of the most important amendments because it allows civilians to defend themselves, their property, and other civilians. The civilians can keep themselves out of harm’s way and keep a tyranny from taking power. However, the second amendment also keeps criminals from getting access to lethal weapons and using them against civilians or directly targeting the government. It also prevents average citizens from accidentally killing other citizens. Overall, this amendment is important because it preserves the defense-rights of the citizens while also preventing criminals from killing people.