The alone, thousands of people have been killed, and

The death penalty should not be allowed in the United States of America. In the United States alone, thousands of people have been killed, and many of them being innocent. Though it has been considered that the death penalty is suitable for the crimes that the criminals have committed, there is also a huge racial issue. After all, many people have been killed, and it isn’t cheap. These are only some reasons why the death penalty should be abolished. A report released by “Newsweek” showed that one in 25 people who have died from the Death Penalty is innocent. These numbers are a perfect representation of why the death penalty is a faulty system. “America, the justice review” had a paper released about a man named Earl Charles who was on an Alabama death row for three years. Later he was found that he was innocent. What could they do for their mistake? Nothing they had killed a man with a widow and child depressed for many years. Later in Alabama, an investigation was started to see if any other men were killed that were innocent. Later on, the investigation proved ten more men were killed for crimes they did not commit. As a society that we need to learn that taking somebody’s like away from them and many others isn’t okay to do. Even if they are or aren’t guilty!Race is also a humongous issue on death row.  “Death Penalty Information Center” proved that black people are 40 times more likely to be put onto death row if they killed a white man than it is for white men to kill black men. These statistics show the racial issue in society. In 1982 an article was released about how out of 1,028 people 42% of them were black. Though some may say that there was a higher percentage of whites being put on death row. Though back then the white population was the dominating race in both power and numbers. Earlier in 1976, 228 black men were put on death row for criminal charges. And Whilst only 20 white males were put into prison. Even though both races had committed similar crimes. If the death row is such a great idea they should fix the racial problems in society.To kill somebody in the US. Either by using a lethal injection, firing squad, gas chamber or electrically it isn’t cheap. For one lethal injection alone it would cost around $1,300 for the materials to kill somebody. $1,300 may not seem a lot since it is in America. Though in 1,283 have died from a lethal injection. Which is around $1,667,900 wasted just to prove a point to others or as a “punishment”. “BBC” research showed that it costs less to keep somebody in jail for life than it is to kill them. This is cheaper and could actually be worse for them since they wouldn’t get out for a very long time. 34 states allow the death penalty and they have spent much time and money to defend it. In these 34 states alone they have spent billions protecting it. If they hadn’t wasted so much time and effort on focusing to kill people, we could have spent that money to save people from committing crimes. Or donating that money to people that need it more. Defending this cause is only going to make things worse. Many people believe that criminals who have done terrible things such as rape, (mass) murders, white collar crimes etc. Should get what they deserved for the unbelievable amount of stress and problems they have done. Though if you kill them straight away they wouldn’t be able to show that they learnt their lesson. The criminals deserve a second chance, even if they are in jail for life. And it may be true that it could set examples for those who were wanting to commit the crime that there are bad consequences. But if they even thought of killing somebody or raping them, they would change minds anytime and commit these crimes. In conclusion, the death penalty should be abolished because it kills many innocent people, has racial issues by making white people having it better than blacks, and lots of money is being wasted on this pointless system. Would you want to be a victim of a crime you did not commit just because of your race, or because they guessed it was you? If you were put in the shoes of the victims it would change your mind too.