the adopted by an organization. Hence, effort must be

the aim of the study is
to give attention to the effectiveness of training and development on the
performance of employees and organizational competitiveness in the selected few
banks in Lagos. Training becomes unavoidable the moment an organization understands
the importance for improvement and expansion in the job. The organizations should
understand that the real problem with work performance lies in capacity development.
The study becomes necessary because many organizations in this existing world
are trying to gain competitive edge and this is not possible without increasing
employees’ competencies, capabilities, and skills and so on by means of
sufficient training designs. The study results will help the management in identifying
the impact of employees’ training on the performance of the organization. It
will also help the organization in planning for the development and execution
of effective and efficient training needs that will result in an improved performance
of the banks.

well-structured questionnaire was prepared and distributed among the staff in the
banks of the Lagos State. Lagos state was chosen because it is the headquarters
of most of the banks. Training and development effectiveness was measured using
a 16-item instrument which was divided into Sections A and B. A total of 250
copies of questionnaires were provided and only 223 copies of questionnaires were

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results indicated that employees’ performance and organizational effectiveness
is determined by training and the development policies adopted by an organization.
Hence, effort must be made so as to ensure that employees’ skills and knowledge
are made use of by means of appropriate training design and implementation.  Employers should make an effort to create an
appropriate training environment and favorable training policies that will give
every worker opportunity to attend training. The management should also look
into the training needs of each workers and act accordingly.