The achievement of development goals. Lessthe role of women,

The main target of Indonesia’s national development is improvement quality of life of Indonesian people in various fields. From the statement we can mean that in the development process is needed community involvement; men and women are harmonious, harmonious and balanced or in other words, the need for emancipation in the field of employment. So far, the development approach implemented has not been specifically consider the benefits equitably toward men and women.            Development at the provincial and district / city levels still has not placing women’s empowerment, equality and gender equity. even thoughtheoretically the government has sought to improve status and positionwomen in all aspects of development, which are included in the direction GBHN 1999, Law no. 25 of 2000 on the National Development Program, as well as in Presidential Decree no. 9 of 2000 on Gender Mainstreaming in Development National.In the Inpres stated that all departments and institutionsnon-departmental government in national, provincial and district / city governments must undertake gender mainstreaming in the planning, implementation,monitoring and evaluation on development policies and programs. Equality andGender Justice has become a very important issue and has become a commitment 2the nations of the world including Indonesia so the whole country becomes bound and must carry out the commitment.The female population is 49.9% (102,847,415) of the total(206,264,595) Indonesian population (Population Census 2000) is a resourceconsiderable development. Active participation of women in every processdevelopment will accelerate the achievement of development goals. Lessthe role of women, will slow the development process or evenwomen can become the burden of development itself. But all this timethe development approach has not specifically considered the benefitsdevelopment equally to men and women, so it iscontributed to the onset of inequality and injustice 3gender. Emancipation in the field of employment means women are givenequal opportunity with men in participating in developmentand in developing the existence of her personal life.In fact in some aspects of development, women are less ableplay an active role. This is due to the condition and the less positionprofitable than men. Such opportunities and opportunities are limited in accessing and controlling development resources, the wage system disadvantageous, low levels of health and education, so the benefits development is less acceptable to women.

A common problem women
face is the tendency women are marginalized in low-paid jobs, working
conditions which is poor and does not have a working stability. This is
especially true forlow-educated women; for urban cases as factory workers. The
thing that need to be underlined here is the tendency of women marginalized on
such marginal work is not solely due to factor seducation. Women earn 30% to
40% less than male earnings to do the same job. The existence of gaps in the
condition and position of men and women cause women have not been able to
become active partner of men in over coming the social, economic and political
problems that are directed atequitable development. Besides the low quality of
women participate affect the quality of future generations, remember they have
a role reproduction that is instrumental in developing human resources of the
past front.

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