The a type of health condition that shapes each

The novel, about a dying man’s recollection of past, and relationship of his father opens a
storyline leaving you thinking. The novel Tinkers by Paul Harding is a remarkable story that is
filled with a unique perception of an epileptic man named George, whose life ticking like a
clock. He hallucinates his past modest live while he is fading away, opening the story of the
generation of men, including his father and son, that evokes his life in a way. The story is
explosive when describing George’s father, Howard, who traveled and sold goods. Throughout
the story the novel the narration switches between George, Howard, and Howard’s dad, each
with their own specific memories. The question that arises is how are the men different? How are
they similar? Maybe the differences and similarities lead to George’s strange sense of physical
self throughout the story.

Two of the men in the novel suffer through a type of health condition that shapes each of
their own lives. Each of the two men’s conditions are not similar, but the coincidental health
conditions suffered through each generation. The novel adds different dimensions to explain the
lives of the three men. Howard, George’s dad,, that is epileptic. Howard had his seizures at

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young age when he ran away to seek his own father who was sent away. He got married to
Kathleen, who slowly become frustrated with what to do when his seizures continued to worsen.
Howard chose to leave at a mental health facility Kathleen arranged, and soon raised a new

Howard’s condition was very frustrating, and his childhood was very similar to George’s.
They were both similar in how they both had to deal with a condition with their father. George’s
grandfather started to go mad when Howard was young. Both George and Howard had to deal
with the aftermath of the condition. The difference in the men was that out of all three of them,
George was the only one who didn’t suffer through some type of health issue.

The similarity in these men was that the work they all did. They all lived a very modest
life, working at mediocre jobs that really wasn’t anything special among them. Although, they
both lived the modest lives, Howard ran away and started a new family, while George did not.
That makes their integrity a difference in a way as well.

In conclusion, Tinkers did a terrific job in exploring the generation of these three men’s
lives. Even though there was similarities and differences in the men, I believe the way their
childhood perceived shaped them into who they were.George’s last few moments fading away
opened his childhood, along with Howard. The narration within the story also helped us see the
way the men were apart of George’s life as he slowly disappears into unconsciousness.