The 2018). Not only have the interest groups used

thesis for this essay is that special interest groups are giving the media the information
to support the tax bills passed by President Trump that they are being beneficial
for the financial institutions as well as to reflect that his administration policies
are more effective than the policies passed by the previous administration of
President Obama.

interest groups have an agenda to prove that the policies in place are benefiting
the people of America and the current government is working towards the goal of
economic and social development. They are using financial institutions to fuel
their agenda, that with the tax cuts to corporations and to banks they has been
a benefit for both the rich and the middle class: “financial institutions are among the biggest winners so far, reaping
benefits from a lower corporate rate and more preferable tax
treatment for so-called pass-through companies, which includes many small banks.”

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only have the interest groups used the names of the renown financial companies
to show that the tax policies are beneficial, but they have also used concrete
data and abstract information to reflect how the tax cut policies are benefiting
the country. Concrete data include the statistics from the financial
institutions and the decrease of the percent they have been paying in taxes,
they used figures from previous financial years compared to that of the recent
one and furthermore they have shown a reflection of the next years tax payment
decrease: ” The law includes a reduction
in the corporate rate to 21 percent from a high of 35 percent last year, as
well as a 20 percent deduction for income from pass-through companies.” (TANKERSLEYJAN., 2018). On the other side
they have used abstract information from high position holding employees to show
how the tax cuts have improved their financial situation: “Citigroup chief executive Michael Corbat said the law nevertheless “not
only leads to higher net income and increased returns, but also
serves to strengthen our capital generation capabilities going forward.”” (TANKERSLEYJAN., 2018).

addition to the concrete and abstract information the interest groups have
provided information on how it will improve the life of the middle-classed
workers in America and especially those who are employed in the field of
finance. They have been able to show that the current administration have not
forgotten of the ordinary working class individuals and that with the tax cuts
being more beneficial to the institutions they as well have benefits related to
the tax policies: “Wells Fargo, which has
been under a cloud of regulatory and legal challenges, said last month that it
would raise
its minimum pay to $15 an hour.” (TANKERSLEYJAN., 2018). This has a great
impact on the working-class individuals where by a raise in salary can help
their ends meet especially in a struggling economy.

conclusion the interest groups want us to believe that the current administration
that passed and signed the new tax policy has been beneficial for both business
and society and they have been able to do so with comparing and providing
concrete and abstract information to support their agenda that the tax cuts
have benefited everyone and their administration believes in inclusivity and
therefore in the article they even showed that with the tax cuts for organizations
and their benefits, their employees will likely see a raise in salaries, which
is what most Americans want in a struggling economy.