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Text commentary:”I HAVE A DREAM…” by Martin Luther KingIn this speech given by Martin Luther King the idea of freedom is conveyed as the main theme. We should also make a point on hope, segregation, discrimination, changes and faith, as they are topics that structure the whole speech.The author begins his speech by evoking the moment when the Emancipation Proclamation was signed. He follows up by saying that this is the beginning of a change, since there are still cases of segregation and discrimination towards black people. Thus, he wants people to behave in “dignity and discipline”, because violence is not an option. Therefore, he wants people to keep on believing and dreaming on the change, for them to live peacefully all around the United States of America.As I said above, the general meaning intended throughout the whole speech is freedom above all. Martin Luther King states at the very beginning that this was going to be something big, that this was going to make history (“the greatest demonstration for freedom in the history of our nation”) and sure he did!It is really interesting to analyse some of the words and phrases that he uses in this speech. For instance, he uses elements from nature to stablish a comparison with the current situation of USA at the moment the speech was given. For example: “the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty” and “a vast ocean of … prosperity”. I consider this comparison quite interesting because the elements from nature remind us that, at the end of the day, we all come from the same nature, that is, we are all equal no matter if we are black, white, tall, short…It is also very important the use of register in this speech. He calls the audience “my friends” and I consider this to be a key concept because the audience could feel more into the speech itself. What I mean is that, by calling them friends, the audience could be identified with the speech and to feel it as a dialogue rather than a discourse. Martin is one of us, let’s say.The general impression I get from this speech is that Martin Luther was a very determined man, because he wanted to achieve his goals and the goals of society. I think his speech and his actions were the trigger to a change that is improving day by day. Although it is true that there are many cases of racism in USA nowadays, I reckon that the situation is way better from the last century until nowadays. But, does it mean that we don’t have a lot further to go? No, we do. We are in the right way to fight this situation, but we shouldn’t stop here.Manuel Vega Prófumo 2o Curso, Grado en Estudios Ingleses Imperio, Globalización y Diversidad en los países de habla inglesa Universidad de Córdoba What’s more, I feel strongly that King’s speech has such an inspiring content that everyone could read it on every moment of their lives. I mean, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it fully, but I’m sure the general meaning will be understood for mostpeople.Besides, it is really impressive how Martin Luther King plays with the feelings and emotions, the pathos, because he even sings a song. I think it is a key concept because he mixes the formality of a “political” speech with the kindness of a friendly dialogue, and I consider that, in this way, he carries the meaning to people’s minds and hearts, which is really important for every worthwhile politician. I’m convinced that the majority of them should learn a lot from this speech.Having said that, I wanted to make a comparison with a book I really love. From the very first moment I read the I have a dream speech, Les Misérables by the French author Victor Hugo rang a bell on my mind. I consider this book to be a masterpiece from world’s literature and I think it has a bunch of similarities when compared to this text I’m analysing. Let’s see some of them:First of all, what the book teaches us is that there will always be a brighter tomorrow. Tomorrow always holds a new opportunity to make things right or to improve them. No matter how much you suffer or how much weight you carry on your shoulders, there will always be a new day to feel light and whole again. And that’s exactly what Martin Luther King wants from people. We should keep on believing that a change is possible, that a brighter day is yet to come.Secondly, the part of the speech where King says: