Tesla vehicles in the most cost efficient way. Tesla

Tesla Motors, an automobile manufacturing company is one example of a public enterprise that has achieved tremendous success. The company was established in 2003. Since then Tesla Motors has taken over a niche in the automobile industry with the manufacturing of electric cars.Tesla Motors was founded by a group brilliant engineers who had an interest in electric vehicles. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Tesla released  its first set of cars in early 2008 with the Tesla Roadster. It also introduced the Model S, Model X and soon will be releasing the Model 3 which would be seen as the world’s transition to electric transportation.  Environmental concerns have been raised from time to time because of the dependency on the gasoline-fueled engines as the leader of automotive technology. These issues, however, are the reason for the inception of Tesla Motors. Tesla is the future of the automotive industry, who plan to use battery powered cars instead of wasting harmful resources such as gasoline that is destroying our precious planet. They also want to build better cars overall regarding performance, comfortability, technology, safety and feasibility. Tesla Motors hopes to band together with other car manufacturing companies, such as Mercedes-Benz to produce more electric vehicles in the most cost efficient way. Tesla Motors hopes to become a name that is known in every house as they plan to gain more global exposure and expand their business in the countries they haven’t acquired already. They have built many successful stores and service centers in almost all the states in the United States and Canada; across Europe in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom; in Asia in Hong Kong, Japan; and also in Australia. They also have plants in Canada and are planning to expand to other parts of the world, especially Europe and Asia. They have a focus on Europe and Asia because they are a great place to manufacture, due to the lower costs available, as well as the fact that there is a high need for electric vehicles with the pollution and density of people that currently reside in those countries. This expansion tactic has great potential and will benefit the company with high revenues as well as help the company build long lasting relationships in those nations.