Telecommunication is establishes to launch and operate a fully-digital

industry is provided internet service to the whole country. Moreover,
telecommunication industry is most important toward the evolution of mobile
communication and the modern society. There are many telecommunication
companies in Malaysia such as Digi, Maxis and U-mobile. The first
telecommunications company in Malaysia is Digi. Digi Telecommunications Sdn.Bhd
is Malaysian mobile service provider. Furthermore, Digi is establishes to launch
and operate a fully-digital cellular network and delivers telecommunications
and related services to their customer.

objective of our report is to conduct General Environment Analysis, Porter’s
Five Forces Analysis, SWOT Analysis, and Value Chain Analysis analyze the
strengths and weaknesses of Digi compare with an others organization’s as its
competitors. Based on situation, we have also learnt from project how to make
strategic recommendations for Digi.

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this report, the most suitable strategy recommendations is provided for its
implementation in a formal business report. The limitation of report is we need
to spend a lot of time to read and analyse the information of digi because have
been operation over 20 years.

that, we can identify and understand key issues affecting the organization by
using SWOT analysis which are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
threats. Competitive environment  will be
analyze by the five forces model which are the threat of substitutes, threat of
entry, supplier power, buyer power and the competitive rivalry of analysis is
in which a product or company works. Five forces model helps a business to develop
a good strategy and clear about furture business.


2.0 Background


Telecommunications Sdn Bhd was established in 1995 and headquartered in Shah
Alam, Malaysia. DiGi Telecommunications Sdn.Bhd was formerly known as Mutiara
Telecommunications Sdn.Bhd and officially change its name to Digi
Telecommunications Sdn.Bhd in 1999. Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd provides
all kind of mobile communication service that contain provides data services to
individual and corporate customers, voice under their prepaid plans &
postpaid plans, SMS, data plans and services, international roaming,
international calling card and WAP services.



mission is provide customers with specific solutions to meet the individual
needs of communications, connectivity and information and security access. Moreover,
mission of Digi is contribute to enhance the life in Malaysia.