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Technology is a big part of modern society. Almost every household has some form of a technological device, be it a cell phone, iPad/tablet, television, or game system. There are also a lot of baby products, specifically DVD’s, that advertise to have proven educational value and benefit to children. Numerous claim to teach language, vocabulary, patterns, analyzing details, reading skills, and many more. These aren’t available for just babies but for toddlers as well. Many tablet games advertise these benefits in which toddlers interact with. 

Research Question: In this modern age, do learning DVDs and/or iPad/tablet games have a positive effect in supplementing language acquisition and skill or do they have a negative effect?

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From the textbook, we know that communicating and responding to a child’s first sounds encourages a baby to communicate more and make more utterances in addition to providing a stimulating environment, promotes language acquisition. In addition, many parents use supplemental methods such as learning DVDs or iPad games. Reasons for their use may be different, for example, some parents may want to speed language development and want the best possible outcome for their child. Others may use them as a way to occupy their child while parents are simply pressed for time and rely on baby DVDs and/or tablet games as a babysitter. 

This study would measure whether educational baby DVDs in babies and tablet games for toddlers promote language development. The sample would consist of a treatment and control group for babies who watch educational DVDs and those who do not and toddlers who play with educational games and those who do not. This study would be a longitudinal study in which it would follow these children for a period of time and monitor their use of language and development. 

To determine whether there is an improvement in language categories such as phonology, grammar, and vocabulary, speech samples would be collected to analyze if there is a difference between babies/toddlers who watch DVDs and play language learning games versus babies/toddlers who do not. Things to look for would be the number of words known, grammar usage, and morphology.

I would suspect that there would be an improvement in the treatment group who use educational DVDs and games to aid language development in addition to providing a stimulating environment but not in those who use them as the sole method to teach language skills to children.