Technology learning change as well. Students who are involved

Technology of different types has been integrated largely into everyday life, from iPads, iPods, and cellular devices with unique finger impression scanners, to automobiles with incorporated GPS routes. With a specific end goal to see how best to execute technology innovation in the classroom, it is vital to set a standard, implement it, and then evaluate what really happens in the classroom.

The purpose of this study is to determine if technology plays a role in the achievement levels of the middle school students at C. Middle School. There is a wide array of technologies that can be used to aid instruction, such as video teleconferencing, smart-boards, interactive multimedia, networking with file servers, LCD projectors and screens, and classroom PCs to name a few.  However, teachers must be willing to make use of them and also be able to distinguish when the use of technology will increase learning and when it is unnecessary. There are a great number of students who have problems with basic skills, but they have no problems when it comes to operating and understanding their technological gadgets on a day-to-day basis. If we could channel their attention towards learning by using technology, which they are interested in, it would help them to perform much better in school.

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 As the world changes day by day and minute by minute, the ways of learning change as well. Students who are involved in the process of learning are more likely to retain the subject matter and enjoy classroom instruction. Sometimes the only way to have students assisting in their own learning process is by obtaining something they love to use. The thing that students love is technology. Effective teachers should be able to utilize technology inside of their classes and make it interesting to their students. The teachers should always be willing to try new teaching techniques and incorporate various technologies to provide students with the concepts, attitudes, and skills they will need to excel.

This study will be significant to the teachers as well as the students. Teachers will be able to identify and connect with the students about what interests them so that their learning is a success. Therefore, an increase in students’ achievement will be seen. In turn, the students will benefit from this as well because if they enjoy something, they will be more apt to learning. This will make teaching so much easier and learning much more interesting.

Technology comes from the Greek word, “techno logia,” which implies a precise treatment. The manifestations of unused technology continuously bring forward more

 imaginative progressions that turn into strategies and techniques that can be utilized to improve how individuals live, work and connect. Technology is an extraordinary source and when utilized accurately, it will offer assistance in numerous ways to teachers along with expanding the accomplishments of students.  Student accomplishment and the use of technology are connected since children are able to relate to various technological gadgets of modern days without much thought. Because of technology ability of the students, they should be able to achieve higher measures of accomplishment in the classroom in the event that technology is utilized to help in educating them. Even though some students grow up with technology and some are not as fortunate to have access in their homes, if teachers would utilize technology during the teaching process, students will still be able to learn at a higher level.

Computers are one of the key factors utilized in instruction. Their part is to serve as a device for positive learning for students. When computers are put into the classrooms, they are promptly open for students to utilize them all through the school day. This sort of innovation is frequently the driving constrain in Information and Communication courses. The computers are utilized to bring enjoyment, relevant, and rigorous learning to the students. Being able to use the technology can give imperative devices and procedures for student – centered constructivist learning. Innovation can additionally give instruments and programs that scaffold the thinking of the student. Students have to be able to master certain skills in order to obtain a Carnegie unit towards graduation. A Carnegie unit represents that the student has passed an academic course necessary for graduation. The average student in this modern day would enjoy seeing technology integrated into their daily lessons. They would look forward to being in class and they actually take pride in their assignments when it is of interest to them. Their grades in courses in which technology is used are an indication of their involvement with and in the learning process. The utilization of technology can offer assistance to the teachers so that they are able to make student – centered learning environments. When students work in teams, the technology can give the opportunity for students to teach one another. The students would be engaged as they secure modern skills. The assortment of technology capacities could improve research, and the capacity for students to blend data. In the event that technology were utilized in a more noteworthy frame inside other classrooms, student accomplishments might rise.

In some school settings, technology is available, but many teachers lack the ability to utilize it.   However, on the other end of the spectrum, on a school level, often teachers who are capable of involving the students by using technology in their classes do not have it available in the classrooms to use. For example, in the technology course, it would be beneficial to have smart boards and promethean boards so that the teacher would be able to provide students with a more illustrated, visual, and auditory form of instruction.  On a district level, the lack of technology stems from the non-recognition of technology being a resource to the students from administrators and designated district officials. In order to provide effective instruction, it is necessary that technology becomes a larger part in the educational welfare of the student. Technology will be used as a tool inside the classrooms.  In order to see an improvement in student achievement, teachers must integrate technology into the curriculum and constantly evaluate its effectiveness. Therefore, technology integration that is properly implemented can impact student achievement in a positive way.