Technology everywhere. As a result, we rely on the

Technology can be a joy and burden at the same time in one package I believe that Google does not make us stupid but the way of our thinking evolved because of the Internet .For example, in the past map is one of the essential tools for the traveler but today we hardly account map as a tool. All of us use GPS instead of a map. During the history, we can notice that with the introduction of new tool and technology people’s mind changed. Moreover, according to the article by the invention of the mechanical clock before that people’s perception of the time was natural flew but after invention, there is a new tool that gave you exact measurement units.

Besides, the changes happened during time people took a step forward more scientific way of thinking. Before that people did not care about exact measurement but suddenly people try to pay attention to new the passage of time the new intellectual technologies may bring new change, a new way of thinking and effect on the way we communicate to our surroundings.

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The downside of the internet it let us stay in a perpetual state of distraction and nowadays with the advent of iPhone, laptops, and iPod it gives us an opportunities to carry the technology everywhere. As a result, we rely on the internet too much so there is no need to concentrate and our society has a more superficial way of thinking than before.

Additionally, social media which is one of the outcomes of the Internet can make some people sociopath .it can give a chance to people have a character or voice they never had before. If we notice we can find many cyberbullying which causes irreparable harm. I cannot deny the fact that before the internet we did not have any murderers or bullying and suicides. As I mentioned before the people intention of using net play a big role. People can use the net for bad and good purposes.

Some people may use it to be updated with current events try to find a new way to help other people and make their life easier such as teachers, researchers,….

Today, the Internet allows people to travel easy and expand their knowledge and help people to realize that all of us are humans and try to be single race and live in peace.

As we can see I mention many advantages of the Internet so why researchers claimed that this tool can make us stupid? They explain that our brain is very adaptable at cellular level even when we are an adult so we can increase our brain ability by engaging. In case of the reading book, since it required deep attention, it may allow us to create deep memories and make us a creative thinker. In opposite way, when we use the internet, there is no need of deep attention. Spending time online cause an increase in visual ability but it will decrease our ability in deep critical thinking. I can say the new tech always has cost for us. The cost is that we as an individual and as a society are so depended on our smartphone and the internet and without realizing we are sacrificing our ability to focus on a single thing and deep thinking.