“TEACHER”Who are teaching which is taken into four stages.1.

“TEACHER”Who is a teacher??And……. the most common answer is the one who teaches.Now, ask yourself if you are a teacher???And…….Yes, you are because even you teach something to someone at some point.This post is for someone like you who teaches. In this, we will know what goes in your mind when you teach. So, can we plan how to teach or what to teach while teaching..??                                               “Planning while teaching”..!! Let’s see…                    I’m a trainee teacher and I have done my internship in a school for 15 days. As it was my first time teaching students  I used to prepare well before taking the class. But while I was teaching I realised that I was not doing as I planned. I made possible changes to make it effective. I changed my way of delivering the instructions as I was teaching. Every time I used to evaluate myself and whenever I felt that I was not making sense I used to change the way I was teaching. The way I planned to do the class was different but I ended up doing much better than what I had planned. Even I have heard this from my friends and seen in some peer observation that it mostly doesn’t go as we plan. It may get better or worse.So,”What is this all about??”                          This is actually the process that goes in our head while we are teaching.           Proper teaching cannot be done without planning. It cannot be impulsive. Technically speaking this is the process that goes in our mind while we are teaching which is taken into four stages.1. Planning2. Teaching3. Analyzing and Evaluating4. ApplyingThese four stages with or without our knowledge (unconsciously) goes on in our mind.Planning: (proactive stage)This is done prior to delivery of instruction.Teaching: (Interactive stage)In this stage, multiple decisions are made immediately and spontaneously while delivering the instruction. This process is more of intuitive and is done in the unconscious state. Most of the decisions made are irrational as it is an impulsive act.Analyzing and Evaluating: (Reflective stage)In this reflections are made on the past teaching done and analysis and judgments are made. This is mostly performed in a relaxed state and involves “auto-criticism”Applying: (Projective stage)It involves learning that is obtained from the past experiences which would help for the enhancement or modification of the future instructions.          This is what happens in our mind while we are teaching. This can also be applied to many situations and scenarios which we encounter every day. Hope you may like this post. You can share your experiences or can give some add-ons on this in the comment box below. Thank you.