Task institute at Stanford university. Bill Gates is result-oriented.


IT entrepreneur in last 5 Years

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Bill Gates was born on October 28,1955 in Washington
USA. He was a student of Lakeside school at the age of 13, where he for first
time worked with computers and meet Paul Allen. He developed his program for
playing tic-tac at the age of the 13.

 He is a
person of strong determination. According to him if you believe strongly in
something, you will definitely get that thing one day.

He is very intelligent person. He developed
Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen on 4April 1975. Bill Gates intelligence
allow him to see all the sides of the computer industry and become a successful
entrepreneur.  From his childhood, he
loves to take risks. He like to play risky game. He never afraid of taking risk.
He believes in continuous learning. Even after establishing the Microsoft, he never
felt totally secure. He never under estimate his competitors. He is very
dedicated person, he also wants his employee to have the same level of
dedication. He is also known for his managerial skills. He regularly give challenges
to his employee and to their ideas, to maintain a creativity in them. He check
regularly check the status of his employees. He is a task-oriented leader, he
wants to improve the performance of his workers to achieve the goals of the
company. He had a high technical skills, but he was not comfortable to share
his knowledge or idea with others. But after some time he learned that it was
not easy to complete the whole process alone, he has to share his ideas with
other people. Then, he starts working on this, and start working easily with
the whole team. Bill Gates is a Philanthropist. He denotes 38 million dollars for
the building of a computer institute at Stanford university.

Bill Gates is result-oriented. His result and quality
oriented behaviour makes him successful and also to the company to produce high
quality software.  He strongly believes
in his ideas. He proved this with launch of a Graphic User Interface computer
when Microsoft released windows in 1.0 in 1985.

He follows the rules of get in early – and learn.
According to him learning matters more than school. He strongly believes that
if you are intelligent and you use your intelligence, you can reach to your
goals and targets. One reason behind his success that he never under estimate
himself. He has a full confidence in himself.

He is my role model as he is not only a successful
person but also a good personality. Bill gates said that he will become a millionaire
before the age of thirty and he made it. He denotes large amount of his money.  His generosity amazes me; by the end of his
life he wants to have given away ninety-nine percent of his money away to
charity. Bill Gates is very generous and caring and that is why he is my role
model.  Bill Gates because he is a great
person and has really helped people across the globe through both his charity
and his company.