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Taking care of an elderly parent is an emotionally complex experience. A small mistake in taking medication or a bathroom fall can thrust our aging parents into rolls of caregivers overnight.Dealing with the hospital bill and health insurance while going through a hectic schedule can make you insane. Chaos right?However, proper planning and getting equipped with right ways can make the elderly care process a bit easier for you.  Here is the complete guide to help you with the elderly care Singapore.Signs That Imply Your Aging Loved One Needs CareEver heard your parents saying, “I don’t want to be a burden to my children”?If yes, it’s time to initiate dialogue with your aging loved one. It’s a common thought that arises among the aging people.Sometimes they don’t share their thoughts, so you have to look for some signs that indicate they need help.Here are some warning signs that alert they should be given special care.Trouble with walking or standingLack of personal hygieneChanges in eating habitsWeight loss and loss of appetiteTrouble in shopping for groceriesLoss of interest in socializingTrouble in decision makingMemory lossDifficulty in taking medicationsChronic fatigueIncreased irritability and mood swingsDifficulty with finances and paying billsTrouble in maintaining the homeThings To ConsiderLocationFirst of all, consider the location of your elders.  Are there any relatives, family members, neighbors or friends who can help them with things such as home care or grocery shopping?Is there any doctor or chemist nearby who can help them out in the emergency? Also look for the local community programs and care services that can help them socially.Medical issueAnother important point that you need to consider is their medical condition. Do they need extra care services or diligence?Is it possible for them to manage their needs and home care by themselves? Find out if they require extra help with daily medical routinesHome safetyThe layout of the room should be comfortable for your aging parents. Many steps to climb can create difficulty in their functioning.If possible, try to incorporate a little modification in the layout to increase safety and reduce fall risk.