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A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah

At age 12 through 16, Shame BEA, a survivor of war, lost family, friends, and most of his country, Sierra Leone, in an unexpected, brutal war. In his novel A Long Way Gone BEA takes readers on a lifesaving journey as he unfolds the tragedy of life during war and life as a child soldier.…
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“Hills Like White Elephants” and “Story of an Hour”

Analyzing Short Story Women are treated as though they are very weak. Women were not allowed to live their lives for themselves. A woman has to perform duties and routines in a relationship as the men choose and tells her to do. But there is always a time when people realize that the ways of…
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Shakespeare’s Othello Essay

One major cause of racial hatred in England at this time is the treatment of colored people during the Elizabethan Era. What people during this time thought about People of a different race is another consideration. One more aspect is the jobs people of color were allowed to have during this time period. Racial hatred…
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