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Electronic Medical Records Systems

EMMER systems are composed to create improvement in the quality of care for our patients. The US Department of Health and Human Services lists several ways that EMMER systems are improving quality of care on their website. It talks about the dangers of paper records that we are avoiding by using EMMER systems which include…
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Autism Spectrum Disorder

For instance, an individual is unable to obtain sufficient education or does not have the opportunity to develop essential social skills during their adolescence, they may be less inclined to continue their education and may find it increasingly difficult to develop social bonds with other individuals as they age. Thus, it is absolute essential that…
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Stress Management Action Plan

According o Carnegie Mellon University (2012), people who are psychologically stressed are more likely to develop a cold. Cortical, in part, helps regulate the inflammatory response. The author argues that when cortical is not allowed to do its job, inflammation gets out of control. After evaluating the participants for their billĀ¶/ to regulate the inflammatory…
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Alterations in Immunity: Case Study

1. Smith is fully aware of his allergies HTH he made sure the casserole did not contain shellfish, unfortunately it did and the result was Poe peel getting sick. 2. What about the others who became ill? How would you determine that this casserole would be the cause of everyone’s distress or not? Its obvious…
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