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Review of Supply and Demand for Uber

In 2013, the total revenue was approximately 2,317 Million dollars. Competition for Uber comes from taxis, car services as well as new app based service providers such as Hail and Left. The value Auber has offered is on-demand services for consumers with generally more affordable rates and shorter waiting times for transportation. For the suppliers,…
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Cost Variance Analysis

It is useful for employee motivation, product costing and budgeting. Setting Direct Materials Standards Standard Quantity Industrial engineers develop specification for the kinds and quantities of materials used in producing the goods budgeted. Operation schedules list the materials and quantities required for the expected volume of production. Standard Price – Information from the operation schedule…
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Amid Entities and Attributes

Amid is owned by Amazon and offer streaming videos and TV shows that users can search for by name or by actors. One found, there is a rental button just under the title picture, example to the right: This make wanting to see an old or new movie easier then running down to the Redbook…
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Conch Republic Electronics: mini case

Conch Republic ElectronicsĀ  Principles of Finance DRP Lance Gilbert November 30, 2014 With the company being midsized in the electronics manufacturing there is an increasing pressure to remain highly marketable and keep up with the product releases that are profitable within the publics technological desires. Having expanded their own base product from repair to the…
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Broadway Cafe

The E-business Strategy will be used primarily to focus on communicating Broadway CafeĀ©’s unique offerings to its customers. The e-business marketing strategy will be focused on attracting customers by emphasizing the core product offering, providing discounts coupons, free memberships, gifts, special offers, and event information to the existing customers and new customers. E-business Strategy Broadway…
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The ABC Model of Crisis Intervention

The BBC model of crisis intervention refers to the conduction of very brief mental health interviews with clients whose functioning level has decreased following a psychosocial stress also known as a crisis (Kane, 2007). This method was first introduced by Gerald Kaplan and Eric Lineman in the ass’s, other variations of this model have developed…
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Supply Chain Management At Dalmia Cements

Given the fact that Dalai is expected to face tremendous pressure on the profitability front in the future, any improvements in the supply chain would be of critical importance and could well define the very existence of the firm in the future. While the unavailability of the rail link from Dalmatian is of short term…
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