Syed to speak two other languages besides English, which

Syed Asif

Personal statement

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I sat
down today to write a personal statement which undoubtedly would have followed
the same format that you have seen a thousand times before, but after the last
few months I don’t think that would be appropriate.

All my
life my father impressed upon me the need to go to college and earn a degree.

Though my parents are business owners, it was emphasized that this was not the
life they wanted for me. As a small business owner, my father faced many issues
in an economy that still certainly looks and feels as if it’s suffering a
recession. From legal ramifications of alleged discrimination to unintentional
copyright and patent infringement, our family businesses suffered many legal
headaches that took us by surprise. One recent case in particular involved the
death of our employee, who was shot and killed during a robbery at our
convenience store. We shared the emotional stress with the victim’s family and
did everything we could to support them in their time of struggle. However, we
did not expect to be served with a notice of legal action taken against us.

worked along side our lawyers and always found myself helping my parents
understand what was going on with our case. As this frequently occurred, I
began to realize that there is legal literacy lacking with many small business
owners from all walks of life. Perhaps, I acquired this skill from my time
working alongside certified public accountants at a tax firm, the many hours
invested seeking legal advice from attorneys or simply from the never-ending
litigations my parents’ businesses have endured.



my academic career, I was always very well organized, approached projects in a
systematic way, and managed my time effectively. Gathering information and
producing quality documents were instrumental to my success as an undergrad. I
possess an excellent grasp of the English language and display effective
writing and editing skills through my work. I am able to speak two other
languages besides English, which are Spanish & Urdu. This skill enabled me to
help others, not speaking English as a first language, to navigate the legal
system. This has given me a broader base in analyzing law and matters relating
to the legal system. 

takes passion, motivation, and perseverance to rise above the hardships and an
enduring objective continually acts as a light at the end of a seemingly
endless tunnel. My target is rather simple: intellectual enrichment. My life
experiences have aided me to appreciate the value of this goal, and I look
forward to reaching it. I originally pursued a career in medicine because I
imagined it would be intellectually stimulating and it most certainly is. As I
practiced science in classrooms and labs, I became familiar with how to be
ethical in my research and experiments. Honesty is vital to being a scientist,
and integrity is a must when it comes to reporting data. From doing group work
and writing scientific reports, my mind was trained to give credit where it is
due, take initiative, practice humility, constructively respond to criticism,
and analyze objectively. However, I have learned that regardless which industry
I wished to pursue, not a single aspect of it was without acknowledging the
legal importance brought with it.




involvement in several legal cases have opened my eyes to view the world in a
new and genuine perspective as well as undergoing the hardships of
understanding legal issues at the expense of an attorney. This has helped me
attain in-depth knowledge on how legal systems operate in the course of
administering justice. This gave me the confidence to become a role model and
aid in lifting disadvantaged groups in the society. In the last two years, I
have worked, alongside my lawyer, with the needy in the community as I helped
them traverse the legal system while providing them with empowerment and guidance
towards engaging with affordable attorneys. I devoted myself tirelessly in
legal cases to ensure that my deeds resembled my intentions.

sincere desire to help people navigate the legal system has led me to apply to
law school. I have seen the difference I could make if given the opportunity
with a Juris Doctor. My goal currently is to pursue a career in patent law. I
feel that my successful work experience and rigorous scientific training will
allow me to debate with the best attorneys. Since medicine and the law in this
area are developing rapidly, I am also confident that this field will be
constantly challenging. I want my legal education to make a bigger difference
than I can as a medical practitioner, coupled with a strong family to draw upon.

My initial perseverance and drive has evolved with every barrier I overcame. I
can confidently say that Law School will be a welcome challenge, one that I
plan to face with my arsenal of experience, passion, dedication, and