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Swimming is a crucial skill for everyone to learn. Learning how to swim can influence your life forever by promoting physical wellness. In addition learning how to swim can prevent drowning which can make your life much safer and secure. Swimming is not only a great way to prevent drowning but you can be beneficial to others by saving their lives. Overall, Swimming is beneficial for everyone.Swimming is a great physical exercise for everybody. Swimming “provides an all-over body workout, as nearly all of your muscles are used during swimming”.Not only does swimming provide an all over workout, but swimming actually “helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs:” Also, swimming is known as being a relaxing and peaceful form of exercise, alleviating stress,improving coordination, balance and posture.” According to INTOTHESWIM, “One of the reasons that swimming is great for people of all ages is because it is low-impact.”When swimming, the water takes off stress from the joints which is one of the possibilities why many people choose swimming as their workout. Many people swim because of the great physical benefit it has to their body. As stated by Sarah Hansen, a corporate-sales professional, writer and entrepreneur, “Swimming is one of the best aerobic exercises to give you a total body workout”. Nevertheless, Swimming has the great benefit of staying healthy and saving your life. Swimming can avert the chance of drowning. According to WHO (World Health Organization), “Drowning is one of the unequivocal dangers of recreational water use. An estimated 400,000 people drown each year.” (WHO, October 16, 2003). Drowning has been a large fear in many people’s lives, especially parents seeing their children uneducated in knowing how to swim. That’s why most people take their children to learn to swim because they want to make sure that their children are always safe. Learning how to swim can avoid the chance of drowning because when someone learns to swim, they learn how to have the perfect body form in order to float without drowning. Many people don’t realize that if they don’t learn to swim they have a very high chance of drowning. That’s why many people recommend that everyone should learn to swim so that they can restrain from drowning. Swimming can save your life and provides the benefit of saving others as well.Unlike most sports, swimming has the capability to save lives. “As stated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 3,400 people drown in the United States every year.” If you learn to swim, you might have the opportunity to save someone else” (Tom Steward, Sept 11, 2017). Anyone who can swim can save another’s life almost anywhere they are. They can be in the swimming pool or at the beach but, there will always be someone who you can help save their life from the possibility of death. Swimming is known as the most important skill to learn and is a very useful way to save other lives. Many people are considering to learn how to be a lifeguard so that they can save others lives and also give back to their community. Numerous people that I know and other people in the world would highly recommend for you to do St. John’s lifeguard course because it will not only be a benefit to other people, but it will be a benefit to you as well. Swimming gives you the opportunity to help others wherever you are. Swimming has many great benefits that can change your life forever.To sum it up, swimming is a great skill to add to your life. Knowing how to swim can actually influence and change your lifestyle forever. Swimming can give you lots of great benefits in life. Swimming is a great way to get all the physical exercise you need and it can dramatically improve your health. Remember, learning how to swim can change your life and the life of others. In Conclusion, Swimming is beneficial for everyone!