Sweeping / Extraction Machines • They allow dry cleaning,

Sweeping Machines

•    You can choose between manual, electric or
gasoline powered sweepers.

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•    Pick up any waste.

•    They have different options depending on
the type of soil.

•    The brushes collect the dirt and accumulate
it in a container inside the sweeper.

Professional Vacuum Cleaners

•    They have much higher power than domestic
vacuum cleaners.

•    Not only do they suck up dust, but they
also collect liquids.

Scrubbing Machines

•    Depending on how large the industrial
surface that needs to be cleaned, it will be necessary to choose whether it is
essential to have a driver standing or sitting.

•    The capacity of the water tanks will also
depend on the surface to be scrubbed.

•    They have considerable autonomy which
allows cleaning to be quicker and more efficient.

•    They can have disc and roller brushes to
adapt to the characteristics of the floor.

•    The industrial scrubbers not only scrub the
levels, but they also suck and rinse them, so you just have to go through each
of the zones once.

Injection / Extraction Machines

•    They allow dry cleaning, washing, and
drying of textile materials.

•    They work very well in cleaning carpets and

Industrial Cleaning Procedures
and Techniques

At present, there are different
procedures and techniques of industrial cleaning, depending on the type of
industry and the machinery used in the production processes, some are more
indicated than others. Below we explain the most common industrial cleaning

Clean With Dry Steam

•    It is a technique of cleaning and modern
sanitation utilizing water vapor under pressure, which expels steam with 5%
water. To get an idea, it is a breathless dense than the air we breathe.

•    Thanks to the high temperatures it cleans,
degreases and disinfects at the same time, it is also ecological because to be
effective the cleaning and disinfection do not need chemical products.

•    It can be cleaned with dry steam on any surface,
except in the most sensitive to heat.

•    It can also be used in closed places
without drains because it dries only when the water evaporates. Outdoors is
effective using higher temperatures.

•    Although it is a method that is not
dangerous, it must be used by professionals with training and with the
appropriate safety equipment (glasses, gloves, and clothing), as there is a
risk of burns in overheated areas.

•    In short, industrial cleaning with dry
steam has three significant advantages: high efficiency in cleaning and
disinfection, a higher level of hygiene and is more ecological because it
consumes less water than other methods and does not need chemical products.

Clean With Water under Pressure

Although an effective method
concerning cleaning and disinfection of industrial machinery, has several
disadvantages against industrial cleaning with dry steam:

•    A drain is needed to evacuate the water.

•    Chemical products are required for
cleaning, so it is necessary to rinse and dry it later.

•    It is less ecological since it uses more
water and leaves more waste than in industrial cleaning with dry steam.

Clean By Ultrasonic

•    More and more industries use high
industrial cleaning machines for cleaning and degreasing their machinery. It is
indicated for all types of industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical or
cement among others.

•    It is a washing method for investment in
two tanks, in which there is a cleaning solution. When the objects are
introduced into the vats, a process of cavitation or micro-explosion of the
liquid that is injected into the small and sophisticated cavities of the piece
of machinery is performed.

•    Industrial ultrasonic cleaning is a useful
technique since it cleans both the outside and inside of the motor or the
objects that are introduced into the vats.

•    It can also be used in a wide variety of
materials, such as industrial cleaning of stainless steel and other alloys such
as aluminum, brass, copper, titanium and other materials such as wood, plastic,
rubber or fabrics.

•    There are ultrasonic devices of different
capacities, from 50 liters to 700 liters. Also, to introduce large objects or
industrial machinery, it has loading and unloading platforms to facilitate the
introduction and extraction of the pieces in the tank.

•    Also, it is a very ecological industrial
cleaning and degreasing technique because it uses biodegradable detergents in
small proportions and that have long durability.

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