Sustainability themselves, can continue into the future and go

means that things can keep going, can sustain themselves, can continue into the
future and go on forever. Sustainability is great and we all want to live that
way but what it really means is tying the future with the present. Earth is our
mother land and it is our responsibility to take care of it.  From a human perspective, sustainability for
our planet means it can continue to do what it was designed to do like provide
fresh air, clean water, produce food and allow us all to have a high quality of
life forever. The
three main concepts of sustainability are; Water, energy and solid waste. For
now, we have enough resources to fulfill our needs but the main idea is not to
take it for granted and consume it in a certain way that we don’t harm the
environment.  There is a saying, charity
begins at home. It means that the change should begin from us and we shouldn’t depend
on others to take the step towards the betterment of our planet.  Solid
waste refers to all discarded household, commercial waste, non-soluble
material, agricultural waste, sewage sludge etc. There is an absolute need of
solid waste management which means collecting and treating solid wastes. Also,
to provide solutions for recycling items that do not belong to garbage or
trash. Reducing the solid waste is very simple and could be done by all roommates
easily in their daily life activities.Firstly,
we should think before accepting any clutter in our home. What I mean by that
is turn down flyers and junk mails, freebies, party favors, and any other junk
that will most likely go into the trash. This will help us keep our house
cleaner if we avoid the junk mails as most of the time it lies on the counter
and nobody takes it.Secondly,
we should avoid the use of plastic bags. 
Each year Canadians throw away 100 billion plastic grocery bags which
take about 1000 years to break down. Instead of accepting plastic bags and
creating more demand for them, use reusable cloth bags or even no bag, when
possible. Along with saving money by paying for the bags we could save our
earth as well.Moreover,
instead of using the plastic cling wraps in our kitchen to preserve the food
and leftovers, switch to using the sustainable and reusable food wraps which
are all natural, organic and compostable. They are made up of beeswax and they
do a really good job at keeping out food fresh, even better than plastic. Another
factor that could help us save money since they are comparatively cheaper than
plastic cling wrap.Lastly,
reduce the amount of paper we bring into home by switching to paperless when
possible. We could do this with our mail, bills, our notes and most
importantly, our books which are expensive and e books are easily available at
cheaper price. This helps us save money and can result in a sustainable environment.   Energy
is a property that is not created or destroyed, although energy can change its
form. It is an important element of energy policy. In general, energy
conservation reduces the energy consumption and energy demand per capita. We
can conserve energy in many ways. Firstly,
we should set our clothes washer to the warm or cold-water setting, not hot.
Switching from hot to warm for two loads per week can save nearly 500 pounds of
CO2 per year. This could save tremendous amount of energy and it is beneficial
to us as well as according to the research, hot water dulls the clothes very
we can take turns every week and one roommate could take the responsibility to turn
on the dishwasher at 9 pm. Running the dishwasher individually take 3-4 runs every
day.  this will make sure that our dishwasher
is full when we run it. Also, we should use the energy saving setting to allow
the dishes to air dry. If we adapt this change, we will save a lot of time in
doing dishes every day and can invest that time in our studies. Moreover,
devices like DVD player, play station, portable fans etc. still use electricity
even though they’re turned off. That’s another energy drip that cost our nation
in wasted electricity. We should put those electronic devices on power strips
and cut the power when not in use. This idea is very important because this
could decrease the chances of fire by avoiding the short circuit in the wires.Lastly, 75% of the energy used by our computer happens
when there is no one in front of it. We should change the setting of our
computer’s power management. Along with saving money, this will increase the
efficiency and life time of our devices.  Globally, water use has been growing at more than
twice the rate of population growth in the last century. Firstly, using excess amounts of water puts strain on
septic and sewage systems, leading to contamination of ground water, as
untreated, dirty water seeps into our home pipes. So, in order to have a clean
home, free of sewage hassle we should cut the down the excess use of water.Secondly, we could help in the progress of our city as
conserving water now allows cities and regions to plan for more efficient use
of water resources in the future. If most of an area’s clean water is waster,
there will not be water for future generations to use, meaning the city will
need to come up with new ways to produce clean, fresh water, which will
ultimately be at our parent’s expense since it’s at the taxpayer. Moreover, we should plant our garden in the spring
season and we could save water since water requirements levels are less during
this season. Implementing this would provide us clean and fresh air to breathe
in and live a healthy life. Lastly, we should use broom instead of hose to clean
our driveway or sidewalk. This will save several gallons of water. As it takes
time to water to dry off and temperature drops at night, there are chances of
black ice formation. Therefore, by using broom we could reduce the chances to
slip on black ice and hurt our self.  

talking about the sustainability development we should consider the: ‘Five R’s
of waste management” – Refuse what you don’t need, Reduce what you do need,
Reuse by using what you have, Recycle what you can and Rot the rest. Being
students, we all need to cut down our expenses. 
By implementing these strategies in our daily lives, we could save a
great amount of money. I highly recommend all the roommates to consider these
techniques as there is no harm and we are saving rather than spending. We shouldn’t
be hard on our self and should take one step at a time. All that matter is that
we are becoming aware and doing our best. To sum up, once we implement most of
these strategies, we could save some money of our landlord as well and in
return, ask him to reduce the rent of the house.

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