SURAJ secure 7th rank in state for Science talent



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my undergraduate days,Computer Networks 
was one of those subjects where I could easily relate the concepts  taught in the class to Real life examples-Be
it a simple LAN connection or a cell phone wirelessly connected to another
device.We have Networks every where right now and I believe this area is very  perspective  and important in society.  

This  easy relatability of computer networks to real
life applications and its importance in the society made me fond of this
subject .Hence to understand them in a deeper way has  urged me to pursue a graduate course in Computer
science with computer networks as specific interest.


Academic Background :

I hail from a small industrial town where education is
given a very high priority. My father is an engineer himself. This background
inculcated in me a deep inclination for academics from the very beginning.  Right from my school days, I’ve had a
predilection towards science and technology subjects-Thanks to my  teacher 
Mrs. Annie chacko , whose  
teaching  inspired me to  learn more about these subjects.  This penchant 
helped me secure 7th rank in state for Science talent examination  and 
excel in   NIIT(National Institute
for Information technology) contest held during my school days. This also
helped me in being among 5 % of the top ranking Aditya birla group of schools
students in my AISSE  final examinations.
My academic excellence provided me an opportunity to take a step closer to my
dream of becoming an engineer by getting a seat in one of the renowned colleges
i.e.JSS Academy of technical Education(JSSATE), India for pursuing my
undergraduate studies in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.


Undergraduate Studies:

At  JSSATE, I was introduced to the true expanse
of computer science. The core courses gave me an  in–depth knowledge in each field. The lab
courses and projects gave me the necessary programming skills. I’m particularly
interested in databases, distributed systems and wireless networks. Further, My
interest  in distributed Systems
motivated me to take up the project on “Securing
Broker-less Publish/Subscribe system using Identity based Encryption” where
the major  focus was on  providing confidentiality and authentication
to Publish/Subscribe system using  RSA  and DES algorithms  for Encryption and Decryption. In addition,I
got an opportunity to present a Seminar on 
one of the  IEEE Paper  “Smart
Fabric/ Computer Clothing”  under the
Guidance of my professor Mr.Sharana Basavana Gowda. The seminar involved an
exhaustive study of how Computerized clothes make computers and devices
portable without having to strap electronics into our body .






Work Experience:


During  7th semester of  Undergraduate Studies, I  got recruited to NTT  DATA.Inc. As part of  ITP (Initial Training Process),I was trained
in  C, C++,DBMS,SQL. Subsequently, I was
inducted into a project  as  SAP BODS Developer where I was
responsible  for  Architecture, Design and Data Modeling of  Enterprise Business Intelligence solutions to
new business Requirements and  I have
worked on  databases such as  DB2, Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2012. I was
also involved in providing data storage solution to many In-house applications created by the Java team. The practical
experience I gained during my tenure has given immense confidence in tackling
time-bound practical problems.



from the technical achievements, I’m a state
level table tennis player.  I have
been practicing this sport since my 6th grade.It is the love for
this sport and persistence that has helped me  excel in this sport.Also,
I’m a NCC (National Cadet Corps)
cadet. NCC gave me  an early experience
of how it is like to be with people of different background through camps and
therefore ,It  helped me come out of my
comfort zone and be self reliant.It provided me an opportunity to participate
in various community development activities like  Anti-female infanticide campaign and tree
plantation drives to ensure climatic balance to name a few.



I think the course offered  at Indiana 
University,Bloomington is the right fit to achieve my  career goal of becoming a research
professional in an organization and contribute to the field of Computer  Networks and  security .  The research activities such as  measuring
internet traffic using Experimental network 
Planetlab, analyzing  Internet fraud infrastructure  by Professor 
Minaxi Gupta go hand in hand with my research interests.If given a
chance,I would like to work under the guidance of  Professor 
Minaxi Gupta .Also, the 12 research centers especially DSI,SPICE  would help me gain practical exposure
necessary to achieve my goal.


I am aware that Indiana 
University,Bloomington  expects
very high standards from its students and I believe that my enthusiasm and my
intellectual ability will enable me to meet those expectations and also make a
significant contribution to the ongoing research in your university.