Summary essentially is able to remotely control molecular functions

Summary of discovery (min 150 words, max 300)

I would like to discuss a recent development in cancer immunotherapy.  A group of researchers have discovered an ultrasound based system that can non-invasively and remotely monitor genetic processes in live t-cells so that they can recognize and kill cancer cells.
The research demonstrates how the remote controlled mechanogemetics – a field of science that focuses on how physical forces and changes in the mechanical properties of cells and tissues influence tissue gene expression- system can be used to engineer chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-expressing T cells that can target and kill cancer cells. For instance, cancer immunotherapies could be ‘switched on’ when solid tumors are detected or ‘switched off’ when the tissue is healthy. This system is somewhat similar to the first ever television remote controls.
This feat of mechanogenetics was achieved by scientists based at the University of California (San Diego), University of southern California and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, New York.

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What potential commercial applications can be envisioned from these new technologies? (min 100 words, max 200)


Through the above discovery, we are getting much closer to finding a cure for the dreaded disease, Cancer.
In order to commercialize this idea, we could establish a Partnership agreement with any biotech company. Where you’d be able to conduct trials, enable the technology, produce the product, sell it in the market and make money.
Or License the research idea to another organisation that is interested on further developing the idea or commercialise it. Like for instance, this method can also provide a general approach to remotely control molecular functions for biological studies and clinical applications, particularly cell-based cancer immunotherapy.


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Cancer Immunotherapy Channeled via Remote Control




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Section 3: My Startup Vision


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Dread the disease

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What is your moonshot startup idea? (min 200 words, max 300)

I believe the idea of an ultrasound based system to remotely monitor, recognize and kill cancer cells can be altered to suit other diseases as well. I would like to develop an ultrasound system that essentially is able to remotely control molecular functions and recognize a selected range of diseases including cancer, sickle-cell, Alzheimer’s in our tissues. That way we could prevent a disease from spreading widely. I would like to ideally design it small (easy to carry around), accessible and in somewhat similar looking to a mini remote control device.
To start I would like to establish partnership with a biotech company so as to enable the technology.  My main aims for the product is that it has to be accessible and financially viable to all sections of people. Because I have observed that a lot of underprivileged people are not able to obtain any primary treatment due to the high expenses associated. As this continues to remain a serious concern, it is important we reach out to all those affected. I believe this can be achieved with strict budgeting, efficiency and mass production to match the demands.
I am sure this device would prove useful to identify and prevent diseases before reaching the serious stage.