Substance 2014), inhalant substances are popular to young teens,

Substance abuse in teens is a problem in America. From marijuana to meth, substance abuse is an issue throughout teens and adults alike. More teens than you think are involved with drugs and alcohol. In America, about 17 percent of American students are currently using drugs, drinking, or smoking during the school day, says a survey that the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse took on 1,003 students of the ages 12-17. While marijuana is popular among teenagers (93.7% in 2014), inhalant substances are popular to young teens, older teens use synthetic marijuana (Known as “K2” or “Spice”) and they also use prescription medication.Young teens use and find inhalants pleasing because of the availability. Inhalants are easy to obtain because you can simply buy them at a store, or you may even have some within your home. Another reason younger teens are more likely to use inhalant substances because of the pricing. Inhalants are easy to obtain and fairly cheap to use. These types of drugs are easy to conceal and carry around with you. Teens use inhalants because they don’t see a harm in what could happen to them. The effects are often short, lasting up to five minutes, or whenever the inhalant stops reacting with the brain. The harm in these drugs can be life changing, such as long term memory loss or mental processing impairments. Too much of these drugs can also lead to loss of smell, depression, muscle weakness and many more things.Older teens are more likely to use synthetic marijuana, on the other hand. Older teens are more likely to use spice and k2 because it is “safe” and “natural”. Since spice is legal and easily obtained, teens are more drawn to it. Spice is also very inexpensive and it doesn’t show up on drug tests as marijuana would. These teens don’t think spice is dangerous because synthetic marijuana isn’t illegal and since it is not illegal they do not think it is harmful, so they take it. However, spice does have very negative effects on our bodies. The effects can include nausea, vomiting, anxiety, increased aggression, and much more.One question people usually have is, why do teens take and do drugs when they know it has a negative downfall most of the time? There are many reasons why these teens decide to do drugs. Some main reasons are to fit in, feel better, and to feel good. Most teenagers want to be like their peers and be in the in crowd, and do what they think is cool and popular. Some teenagers think this is the answer because it will make them cool and like their peers, even if it really isn’t cool, and they are just thinking that it is. They do not want to be out of their social circle. This includes wanting to be accepted by their peers and wanting to be like others. When teens do drugs to do better, that means they use it as an escape from whatever they may be suffering from, such as depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, even if they are only making it worse. One factor that can cause teens to do drugs to feel better is stress. This can also cause a relapse of drug taking if he/she has already done drugs to relax their feelings of stress. Teens may also take drugs to feel good. Drugs like xanax, marijuana, and ecstacy can cause feelings of euphoria and syke you out, allowing you to get out of reality and “chill out” for awhile. While teens may think doing drugs for these reasons is helpful, it really isn’t.Teens can get addicted to drugs and there are risk factors that can lead to teen drug addiction.  One of these factors could be environmental, meaning that the environment that they live in could be one that has a lot of drug use and isn’t the safest. This could mean that they are pressured into using drugs. Another factor could be stressful childhood events, such as abuse. Physical, sexual and emotional abuse can lead to drug use in teens,