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Students opt to join the best institutions of learning as they well understand. They do so through the influence of articles that the schools publish that give them a good reputation. When students join these institutions, their main aim is to lead a good life and get the best quality of education, but sometimes they may be impelled to act or behave in a way that they never wish to. Some time back, the learning institution could provide such a good environment that students would like to enjoy and learn. This is no longer the situation in the current systems. Students face various problems that make their stay in school difficult and hence, the learning process is slowed down significantly. This paper will discuss the various problems that students face in school.From studies that have been conducted in various institutions, it is evident that students have undergone and still undergo serious problems in the periods they are in school. This is because the students are taken to be young adults who may not be aware of what goes on in the institutions. The notion is wrong because students are enlightened people, and they have the capabilities to choose between what is wrong and what is right. Besides, students are the most rational beings in the society because they tend to reason out whenever there are disputes. Problems associated with learning institutions do not originate from the students. Mostly, they are not matters of policy because the policies are straight, and the structures are already laid, but they are not functional in some situations. This is where the problems start to build up.Students are people who are easy to relate to and operate with. This is so because they know their rights, and they are eager to learn more and apply their studies in real life situations, but when their rights are infringed, they tend to portray violent behaviors, and they become rebellious. As it will be illustrated below, the problems will be analyzed one after the other, and possible solutions to the problems suggested in this essay.Different problems affect the learning of students in a class, and they make life in school a little difficult. For instance, I have had a problem with being recommended to buy textbooks that are irrelevant in my studies. A professor forcefully made us buy a textbook that was not meant for our studies at all, but we had to purchase it, yet it cost over one hundred and ninety dollars. Such instances provoke aggression in the student body. The textbook was not useful in class and it may never be useful at all in the course or even at work after school.The professor forced us to buy the book because he had the authority. He is the one who produces the course outline and the recommended texts, but he ends up forcing his students to purchase books that they do not need. Knowing very well that some students struggle to make ends meet, and some go an extra mile to do odd jobs to raise money to run their activities in school, they make students spend more on what is not valuable or does not relate to their learning circles. Most students can relate to this problem. In many institutions, the same thing is happening, where the tutors produce books, and they force students to buy them at exorbitant prices. This is one of the problems that students have in the process of learning, and because they know that their professors are the ones in control of their grades, they have to obey and respect the decisions they make. The channels through which the students can complain are not so clear also.Another problem that students face in class includes favoritism. This problem is not so well pronounced in the systems, but then it is existent. It takes different angles depending on the individuals who practice it. Again, this problem may be within the student body or across, between staff and students. Some students prefer to relate with specific others in their activities while sidelining others. Although it is not bad to have people who you relate well with when it comes to issues like class discussions, people should just discuss with anybody in the class since everyone needs to have knowledge.Another form that favoritism takes is based on gender. Some students have affairs with the staff including the tutors, and they get favored concerning the grades they score. This acts as a demotivation to others who believe that they should all work hard to earn the grades that they get. This mostly happens between male tutors and female students who exploit their bodies for better grades. This problem at times may make students lose moral and learning may stall for them since they find it not important for they can be favored or wish they could be favored and score good grades without working hard. However, the problem for those who are favored starts immediately after completing their studies since they cannot work or apply what they learned in school in real life situations and their places of work. Again, it becomes difficult for them to blend with their peers who already know how they acquired high grades.Victimization is another problem in higher learning institutions. Since anybody does not regulate the professors, they end up victimizing some students for raising genuine concerns. In normal learning conditions, misunderstandings may come up and arguing rationally and objectively may land a student in problems if the tutors decide to take the arguments personally and if they are topics that relate to them directly. Some students may be naughty, but that does not call for unnecessary victimization. Whenever there are arguments that may spark the aggression of a tutor or arguments that may cause discomfort, they may lead to the victimization of those engaging in such discussions.The problem of victimization is also common in most of the institutions in that at the time they may lead to the expulsion of students whenever the tutors are so uncomfortable. The problem has been existing in the institutions and there seems to be no remedy. Violation of some institutional guidelines has led to the abuse of the authority that tutors have in the institutions, and that is why they may be involved in victimizing students for unjustifiable reasons.Another problem that faces students is the lack of finances. Some students are so broke that they face difficulties in learning. When they engage with others in the class, there is an obvious disparity between those who have it all financially and those who do not have much. The big variations cause discomfort in that some students may feel intimidated when they do not afford to do what others may be willing and ready to do. When such disparities exist, even discrimination sets in, and there is a problem in learning. When a student is discriminated against and feels intimidated, they tend to lose focus and may miss out on some critical lessons being taught in class. Treating all students equally may mitigate the effects of this problem that is related to finances. Revisiting the purchasing of books that I talked about above, the issue of finances also comes up since poor students cannot afford these textbooks, they become worried and if the tutors are so keen on who buys and who does not then it becomes a big problem to these type of students.Special needs students are not taken into consideration when designing the courses that are taught in school. This is a problem that needs a serious policy since these students need special attention for them to gain educational yards just like their normal counterparts. For instance, even the facilities provided by the institution do not support the physically challenged students who may have to be assisted by other students to carry out activities which if structural adjustments were made, they could perform the activities by themselves. For example, a student using a wheelchair cannot take the stairs up to his lecture room or access a facility that is off the ground. If elevators are installed, such students can have an easy time to do such simple tasks as moving themselves to whichever facilities they would like to utilize. Such are the day to day challenges that different students go through to get to the point where they are knowledgeable as they would have wished.Finally, some tutors portray arrogance that is not necessary. Students are not tutors’ contemporaries. In fact, they should behave like mentors to the students. They should not aim at competing with students in their duties. Once a tutor has been challenged by a student, he or she should not act as though they are in a competition. Some tutors have exhibited such characteristics in their classes which is not a very good idea for students to learn. The students may end up being scared of even being adventurous, and we all know that creativity comes from adventuring and going that extra mile to discover what might not be discovered if everything happens as per the book.To conclude, it is evident that students face different problems in class, and they need to be encouraged to continue learning because that is what takes them to school in the first place. Since there are policies and structures already laid down for the institutions, the implementation should be done, and keen follow-ups done since students may be quietly suffering because they do not have channels through which they can argue their cases. Regulations should be put in place to control the activities of professors and other tutors for the benefit of students and institutions will run smoothly. Students will not go into rampage if their problems are amicably resolved before they become huge and explode into violence. Again students are the most cooperative beings since they know what should be happening and if it happens, they become settled.