Static wanted to do was sing. When she was

Static from the radio deafens everyone’s ears. The radio had not been working but suddenly it began to play, almost as if a telephone pole had been placed a meter away. “Sunday the 23rd of April a Jaspas junk boat went out for a 3 hour trip around Hong Kong. While the boat was out a strong typhoon began to form. Since then the boat has not returned. The boat had 7 passengers, Gil, the Skipper, Lucy Wong, Mandy Chan and Doctor Lee.” The radio sang. Gil lost hold of himself and started screaming at the radio “That’s us!”, “We are still alive!” , “Help us!”. Finally, Gil realizes that the broadcaster can not hear what he was saying and Gil eventually stops yelling. The radio continues. “Skipper was the driver of the typhoon boat. He was born with the name of Au Ling but goes by Skipper. Au only got to go to school for three years until his father lost his job and could not pay for school anymore. Au was then homeschooled by his mother. All Au Ling ever wanted to own was a boat. Every morning he would watch the sailboats, yacht and speedboats drive away. He always dreamed of getting a boat when he grew up. When Au was 15 years old, his father was finding it difficult to provide for his family so Au applied for a job driving a junk boat. Au Ling has now been driving Jaspa’s junk boats for 25 years.”GIL”One of Hong Kong and China’s most famous singers was aboard the boat, Lucy Wong. Lucy’s mother was from China and gave birth to Lucy in Chengdu. Soon after, Lucy’s grandfather fell ill in Taiwan. She and her family moved to Taiwan when Lucy was only eight months old. Lucy then grew up in Hsinchu City, Taiwan. While she was in school she joined choir, orchestra and glee club. All Lucy ever wanted to do was sing. When she was 23 years old she moved to Hong Kong to pursue her dream of singing.  An agent in Hong Kong contacted her and helped her become a public figure. Now, Lucy Wong is a well known in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.” The radio mumbles “Mandy Chan was also aboard the junk boat. Mandy was born and raised in Hong Kong. Her parents were rice farmers in the Sai Kung villages. Mandy’s father died when she was sixteen years old but her mother is still alive and healthy. Mandy Chan started her own clothing shop eight years ago. She works in Sai Kung near her parent’s old farm. Her store sells female, male and children clothes and shoes. Mandy went on the junk boat to celebrate the sale of her clothes.””Also aboard the junk boat was a doctor. Doctor Lee, was born in HK but moved to the United States for college. Ever since he was a young boy doctor Lee excelled at school. When he was only nine years old the doctor decided that his profession when he is older will be medical. For college, Doctor Lee applied for universities all around the world. Soon later he got acceptance letters to six universities. The college that doctor Lee found the most interesting was Johns Hopkins Medical School. When he was 18 years old he moved to the United States. Later, after finishing university, Doctor Lee moved back to Hong Kong to become a heart surgeon. Now doctor Lee works for Adventist Hospital and is one of the best doctors and heart surgeons in Hong Kong.” “The crew boarded the boat at zero nine hundred on Sunday. The boat was last seen by a local fisherman passing the High Island Reservoir. If anyone has sighted the boat since then please contact +852 9036 8239. Please contact +852 9036 8239.” The broadcaster concluded. The crew is silent. The silence is poisoning them. The silence is gnawing at their insides. The silence is hanging in the air. The passengers have come to the realization that to the world, they are all dead. The world believes that they had died. Nobody will come looking for them. Everyone is stuck on the island, the island they will now call home.