Statement sets one apart from the crowd.Knowledge and proper

                                                                 Statement of Purpose

The goal of education is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth.Education is a tool that puts one on a fast track to acquire knowledge and personality that sets one apart from the crowd.Knowledge and proper training are essential to succeed in today’s highly competitive world.Through intuitive observation and constant learning, the wealth of knowledge is garnered in a whole lifetime.In order to excel a career in any field, an advanced education about that field is of extreme importance and, I wish to have the highest level of education and transcend new horizons.The present and the future of the world are being steered by Information and Technology and I want to be the part of this revolution.

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I always had a blistering desire to know how things work. Since my boyhood days, I have been extremely interested in Mathematics and Physics which enabled me to develop strong quantitative and analytical skills.This helped in scoring 71% marks in 10th grade.Then I undertook ‘Science’ with ‘Information Technology’  as an elective subject in 12th grade and graduated with 65% and secured a seat in the Information Technology Mumbai University, one of the most esteemed universities of India.

While pursuing Engineering I undertook various courses related to the foundation of Data Computing.During my Bachelor of Engineering came across subjects such as C++, Java, PHP, Ajax, Html5, Data structures, Advance Internet Technologies, Data mining, Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics & ERP.This has only given me a glimpse of the vastness of knowledge, what I have seen has only incited my curiosity to explore the depths.The course during college helped me to develop an analytical approach towards problem-solving and an inclination towards subjects due to my strong interest in the field of data analytics and its application to the industry, this is where my diligent study and approach has helped me made my mind so strongly, that there is still a mammoth field that I must explore and master to accomplish my goal or to surpass in this field.

My final year university project was ‘GEO NOTIFIER’, incorporating various concepts of GIS applications using spatial information benefiting in transport, telecommunication and business.Geo-Notifier is revolving around the concept of geo-fencing and it is based on smart mobility. The users can retrieve the information about their current location and process that data to get more useful information near to their location with the help of GPS in phones and through Web Services using GPRS.This is an android based application which has 3 modules; the first module of this application will provide location-based offers in the current location. The second module is about tracing the caller. The third module provides the user with the notification whenever a friend enters the default limit, this requires dual permission.

After my graduation, I took up a job at Siddhi Tech Designs as a software trainer where I trained engineering freshers on programming languages such as C++, Java, PHP, HTML5 so that I could strengthen my programming foundation.I also worked as a Freelancer for Web Developer using various technologies like Bootstrap, Laravel 5.3, MariaDB and Javascript.

The ethnicity of Data analytics and its acquaintance, which is of prime importance today, has blazed my interest so much that I am impelled to assign my life in this field.After research, I have chosen National College of Ireland to pursue the master of science (MSC) in Data Analytics.The study of this course will help me amend my qualitative and quantitative skills and further can be used to enhance amplify productivity and business gain.

I genuinely believe that my step today will take me to where I want to see myself in future after my master’s.Also, I fully understand the kind of adherence, hard work and resolve, a graduate program calls for. I am sure I will never leave my determination and love towards learning and I will never stop until I reach the place where I want to be.Being enlightened of the excellent facilities and academic superiority, I think it’s the right place to be trained and I believe that your university will be the perfect place to work towards achieving my goal.It is my pleasure to be considered for selection in your university.Thank you sincerely.