Statement best way for she/he to get familiar with

of Teaching Philosophy

general I believe that an effective teacher must have a thorough understanding
of the subject she/he teaches, as well as underlying pedagogical theories. A
teacher must be able to make good selections about what to teach and how to
structure and organize the material, or what’s the best way to present the
material to the students.

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a technology veteran in IT industry, I also believe that the best learning comes
from practice together with individual desire to develop a strong theoretical

“Best learning comes from practice”

there is a new member joining the team, I am always asking myself the same
question: what is the best way for she/he to get familiar with the code, the debugging
environment and the business logic? I don’t want just give new team member a
set of documents and let them digging into the detail. In another word, I don’t
want them spending a lot of time just reading and gathering all the information
all over the place. Usually I will spend couple hours explaining the overall
business to her/him so she/he has the general business sense which helps
her/him understanding the actual code. Then I will assign him a mentor, usually
a senior member of the team, who will help her/him setting up a debugging
environment on her/his local machine. Then it is up to this individual to
really get into the detail of the code (setting up the debugging points, step
into actual function to understanding the logic etc.). Once this individual
understands the code, I will assign real tasks for her/him to solve, typically
starting from a small task which does not affect the core business. The whole
process implemented here within my team focuses a lot on learning from practice
and I do see the new team member adapts to this concept very well. After years
of learning from practice, some of the team members have been growing dramatically
so she/he is able to become Software Architect within my team. When it comes to
teaching student in the classroom I firmly believe the same concept could yield
positive results. Students need practice to attain fluency and become academic successful,
and practice will cultivate their interest to dedicated problem as well.

“Teaching students according
to their aptitude”

team member’s technical foundation is different when they join my team and they
also have different personality. As the leader/coach, I design different
learning strategy for each of them. Some team members are very good at going
deep into certain areas of technology solution while others maybe more
interested in company business logic. For those who has enthusiasm on
technology, I will train them to research technical difficulties. While for a
team member who show great interests in learning business logic of the system it
is better to do more tickets implementation on the system. I believe we should apply
the same concept in the classroom. As a teacher, I believe that students should
develop a strong theoretical foundation. A journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step and Rome was not built in one day, it is extreme important
that students have the very basic concepts of computer science (computer
system, mathematics knowledge, operation system and compiler theory etc.). With
the foundation built, I will layer according to the students’ mastering to the
basic knowledge and adjust the teaching contents and methods for different
layers of students and arrange the teaching in a targeted way, in which way,
all levels of students can make progress, so as to achieve a good teaching

“Industry experience is a plus”

a long time professional in the IT industry, I understand the latest technology
widely used by the companies and I can share my real-world experience with
students. My firsthand knowledge of how technologies are created, prototyped,
and ultimately implemented, which is of practical significance that I will
share with students.