Stainless will go with all your cooking décor. It

 Stainless steel constructionNow you keep your favorite utensils anywhere on the top with the sturdy kitchen utensils holders. Made of high stainless steel, the classic holder with hi-luster finish resists rust and dullness to maintain its gleam over time. The containers is perfect in size and have cut out holes on the front and back, which allow water to flow through the base when you use this classic utensils holder as a drying rack. Kitchen Utensil HolderThe durable and sturdy holder has a large capacity to hold over 15 cooking tools. The excellent product is perfect for all kitchen utensils. The beautifully crafted utensil holder will go with all your cooking décor. It has enough weight to hold all the utensils, and none of your tools will fall out.  The versatile utensil holder is perfect for your kitchen.  Dishwasher safeThe utensils holder is convenient, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Place the utensil holder in the dishwasher. The great essential is entirely safe for dishwashing and do not break down, rust or stains into the dishwasher. After dishwashing, it is must to dry the utensil for a flawless result.Utensils Holder –Incredibly ImportantUtensils are incredibly important part of any kitchen; they are the tools that are involved in food preparation, so they need to be handled with care. By having the classic utensil holder from the house of Utopia, you can keep all the important utensils nearby and close at hands. You can even gift the long-lasting and robust utensil holder to the person who likes to spend the most of their time in the kitchen. Perfect to UseThe robust kitchen essential is excellent for storing medium-sized utensils: spatulas, ladles, spoons, tongs, and whisks. The classic utensil holder will keep your favorite cooking utensils accessible on the countertop. You can store your special utensil safe and secure by having the classic utensils holder.Care Instructions•    Don’t use abrasive or steel wool to clean the utensil holder as it may damage the holder and leaving with a harsh exterior.•    Don’t put the utensil holder in direct with sunlight