SOP (Information Technology-IT) at the reputed Dr. MGR University

SOP Sharique Akhtar Human society has scientifically evolved phenomenally in the past few decades. This can be attributed largely to the significant advancements in software domain. The automation that we experience in almost all walks of life is driven by underlying intelligent software that manipulates and manoeuvres every action with surgical precision. Inspired by the desire to leverage the limitless potential offered by software domain, I aspire to pursue my MS in Software Engineering to consummate my skills.Academically, the decision to go for MS has been strategically planned so as to take my knowledge to the next level. After completing my higher secondary education with stellar results in 2006, my natural inclination towards computers motivated me to gain admission in B.Tech (Information Technology-IT) at the reputed Dr. MGR University in Chennai. The four years stint (2006-10) proved to be highly insightful for me as I mastered various concepts under the guidance of professors who always incentivized me for thinking out of the box and stretching the limits of my imagination. Computers had fascinated me since childhood. This IT oriented course had acquainted me with the entire gamut of contemporary software concepts both from the perspective of conventional computing wisdom and information technology. Concurrently, I have secured HP0-M102 certification which authorizes me to perform HP Unified Functional Testing for 12.x Software.After completing my B.Tech, I have been professionally active for the last 7 years. Serving various top notch MNCs in various capacities, I have kept adding newer dimensions to my pragmatic knowledge. In the college too, my focus would be on spending more and more time in labs to understand the designing and implementation of concepts from a practical perspective. The various projects that I have executed as an individual or team member have bestowed on me the needful confidence to plan, strategize and formulate critical codes in flawless manner. Five projects deserve mention over here. These have propelled me to explore newer avenues to streamline and expedite code refinement and execution for achieving exceptional outcomes without flaws. As automation test engineer in Xavient Information System (served from 28th Feb 2011 to 21st Nov 2014), I was assigned the responsibility of developing a failsafe Warehouse Management System (WMS) for an American retail giant. The six months long project led to the development of robust supply chain software that allowed keeping meticulous track on goods movement, inventory management and associated activities. My efforts and novelty of approach was profusely praised. The next two projects in the same professional capacity pertained to telecom players CB Coax and Next Generation, providers of services like Internet, Phone Line and Cable service to residential and commercial customers. The 13 and 10 months long projects required me to develop applications that would streamline the process of catering to customers and facilitate migration of archaic applications from old to contemporary platforms. I had adopted holistic approaches after due diligence to ensure that the delivered systems accomplish the desired tasks in automated manner through least human intervention. This made them less vulnerable and more error tolerant allowing scope for swifter troubleshooting. As Sr. Test Engineer with Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets ( served from 24 Nov 2014 to 11 Dec 2015), I had the opportunity of executing a prestigious project related to development of an intuitive online portal for a banking client that mobilizes capital for funding federal, corporate and individual initiatives across the globe. During the 10 months duration, I was successful in automating the functioning of online applications through which transactions were executed. After this term, I was briefly associated with Fiserv India as Senior Software Test Engineer (14 Dec 2015 to 3 May 2016) wherein my role required testing of full product suites for problem identification and resolution. Additionally, I had to write / review test cases in VB Script and QTP for automation on HP ALM platform. Presently, I am serving as a Sr. Test Engineer in Kualitatem from 8th May 2016. The project that has been entrusted to me pertains to AXA Insurance, a company that offers traditional whole life insurance to customers. I am revamping the obsolete ‘Contract Management System’ to integrate comprehensive details about clients and auxiliary agencies into one platform from where all information would be easily accessible. The agile software application is a testament of my grip over relevant software concepts.The proposed MS would acquaint me with contemporary global perspectives and breakthrough advancements in the software industry.  US universities play host to some of the most developed minds of mankind and I am eagerly looking forward to working under the tutelage of professors steeped in cutting edge research. The state of the art pedagogic facilities and well-equipped labs would help me gain more understanding of sophisticated tools and platforms. Further, I would be able to intern in leading US firms which would help me secure unique perspectives about code execution and implementation in real time. After completion of MS, I plan to enrol myself in Ph.D. to culminate my research interest. There would be no dearth of opportunities after MS where I can work with autonomy and authority.