Somewhere, love for you, strong enough to change me.

Somewhere, in someone’s heart, down a long road. Or in the heart of your friend next door. In the memories of your classmate, or just a random guy at a date.There’s a love….There’s a love here. A love too strong to fade. A love to faint to stay. A love for you, strong enough to change me. To make me think of you first thing daybreak and last thing nightfall.There’s a love…That love is mine. The love that’s silent. The love that can make each uneasy. The love that can force the pair to die while living. The love we share.There’s a love in my heart. That love is for you. It shows me your face when I’m searching for light. And your footsteps when I find my light.Love is a trap. It got me. Come, get trapped for me.Liked it? Peace??December 17, 20170The worst partIt’s not that you left me… It’s not that we couldn’t be together.It sure isn’t the way you unsaw me there.Neither is it the way you burnt my heart down to a bowl full of ash.No girl, the worst part of it all is…The worst part of it all is that way you stated at me like a stranger after being whatever we were. The worst part is the way how our hours of talk, now reduced to seconds of eye contact.  The worst part about it is way your priorities shifted from everything to me, and now back.And even much worse than all these, is you never bothered to tell me why….Liked it? Peace??December 16, 20170Such is lifeDestiny is a monster…Fair enough to let me know you love me,Unfair enough to tell me this when I’m leaving.Great enough to reward a lover,Worse enough for it to be after heart split into clover.Brave enough to make you fall for me,Timid enough to not let thus be.Beautiful enough for our lives to intertwine,Ugly enough to keep us from valentine’s.Gracious enough for us to share a kiss,Fucked enough for to not share a home.Sweet enough for letting us stayBitter enough to not let us wait,Right enough for us to build a future,Wrong enough for it to be without each other.Love is pretty ironic now,But such is life.December 15, 20170Like lovers…We’ve known each other a long time, long enough for knowing the real us…We’ve seen each other so many times, enough to see the person within…We’ve been together for years, far enough to bond…And we’ve sure as hell liked each other long enough, For me to fall for you, for you to fall for me…Enough that we could wait our entire lives for each other,Like loversAnd I’m not talking of the love like the one in Romeo & Juliet,Or the one Rose and Jack share,Not the one between John and Jessie,Not shown by Shah and MumtazFor our love, is ours.For our love has never happened before.This love, is the one showed by me, just for you.Liked it? Peace??December 14, 20170The chances in love….A boy and a girl…Met by chance, Spoke by choice…Heard of each other by chance, knew by choice…Spoke. Texted. Spent time.Only not knowing what came to be next…Admiration. Affection. Love.But alas, for it was not mutual. He fell for her.Those weren’t just “friends time” hours, they were “oh-I-wish-I-could-tell-her” hours…But not for long…One day, she heard, just passing by their class…”WHAT, DIDN’T YOU HEAR? HE IS SHIFTING OUT TOMORROW…”She felt heartbroken. Why didn’t he tell her? Why would he do so? She spoke to him during their last recess together.How could he tell her that he never had the guts to speak up to her? What would he say?His story got completed before he left, though. She confided. The distance never mattered hence.Liked it? Peace??December 13, 20170Caption #1Your love is like my alcohol….I know it’s gonna hurt, but I still keep it.I know I’m gonna stay hung over, but that doesn’t matterI know once it all goes down I wont be in my senses, but I have it.Amd for a love like yours, mine is a bottle of Premiun Label.Liked it? Peace?