Something Gaza and the Palestinian territories aren’t touched. In

Something I will be exploring in this Curiosity Project is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is sometimes referred to as the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. I will be exploring both sides and their opinions and the diversity of opinions between each side. For example on the Israeli side (there is probably more diversity of opinion), some israeli’s (including Arab Israelis) believe that Israel should just take over gaza and the palestinian territories and kick the Palestinians out and disperse them out to the other 22+ Arab dominated countries. On the other side some Israeli’s (Even Jewish Israelis) believe that all the Jews should just leave the land of Israel and also disperse to other countries around the world. On the Palestinian side some palestinians believe that Israel is occupying the land of palestine and their settlements violate international law. Others believe that Israel does not violate any laws and even if israel does violate laws they don’t care they believe that israel should be allowed to stay there as long as Gaza and the Palestinian territories aren’t touched. In this project I will be going very in depth in every opinion that there is and everything between the government of Israel and the Government of Palestinians Peace process to the David and Goliath story.The David and Goliath story has actually a lot to do with Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Philistines were the Jews ancient enemy in the Torah. The Torah describes the philistines as a warlike people that lived in The Promised Land, Philistine literally means “Non-Israelite of the Promised Land”. The Philistines lived in 5 cities, Gaza, Ashdod, Ashkelon, Ekron, and Gath. The Bible says that the Philistines were the main enemies of the Kingdom of Israel before the rise of Neo-Assyrian Empire, they even captured the Ark of the covenant for a couple months. The story of David and Goliath goes as follows, the Israelites were at war with the Philistines, and for 40 days twice a day Goliath (a philistine which is 9 feet and 4 inches tall) would come out and challenge any Israelite to battle him and beat him in one on one combat. David hears this and decides to accept the challenge, he beats him by shooting a rock from a slingshot, it hits Goliath right in the forehead and he falls over, David then proceeds to cut his off his head and brings it to king Saul. Many decades later after the destruction of the second temple and the Jewish DIaspora (66 CE) the Romans renamed Judea after the Israel’s ancient enemies the Philistines. They renamed Judea to Palestine in hopes that in time the Jews would forget about their Promised Land. But still after the Diaspora the Jews remembered there land. When the Jews came back to Judea two thousand years later and tried to create a Jewish state the nearby Arab countries did not want Israel to exist. So when the Israeli declaration of independence was signed, the countries of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon declared war on Israel (1948). After Israel mostly wins the war (Jordan won back some part of Jerusalem) the Israeli forces moved the Palestinians living in Israel  out to the West Bank and Gaza. The Israelis called this the Israeli war for independence and the Palestinian call this day Nakba Day which means catastrophe in Arabic.Many arguments come from the idea of this war and how the Jews came back to their land but they displaced around 700,000 palestinians and sent them to the outskirts. The Israeli and right wing thought process of this is the idea of Israeli Independence day. Imagine this, your family gets kidnapped and your family is displaced around the country and when you finally reunite together. You come back home to your neighbors owning your house and not letting you come back into your house for multiple months because they don’t like you. Now the Government steps in and helps you go back into your house. Once in the house the whole neighbourhood attacks you because they say that they don’t like you because your different. You defeat your neighbourhood but the family across the street from you now owns your living room and it takes you a couple days to get it back. The idea of this come back to Israel is called the 1948 war and Yom Ha’atzmaut (which means Israel independence day).The Palestinian idea of this is called Nakba Day, Nakba means catastrophe in Arabic, and is celebrated on May 15th the day after Israeli Independence day. Nakba Day is less of a celebration and more of a mourning of their lost land and leaving their houses. Most of the palestinians migrated to Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, The West Bank, and the Gaza-Strip. Every year there are commemorations held in a couple of Arab countries for Nakba Day many people commemorate Nakba Day in America. The problem that Palestinians have is that they think that the country of Israel should commemorate the day of May 15th as a Holiday and they also want the day to be noticed by other non-arab countries. I met my expert a couple years ago because of a program called Club Z. My mom put me into this program 3 years ago and I have been going to it ever since then. Masha Merkulova is the founder and executive director at Club Z. Club Z is a group for Jewish teenagers that teaches them how to fight Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism on college campuses before they get there. Here are some of her opinions and viewpoints towards the subject. Q: “So what do you think about the UN claiming that Israel is illegally occupying Palestinian Land?”  A: “I disagree with this statement and believe that the UN who have passed many Anti-Israel resolutions is wrong. The legal definition of a occupation is a state that is being controlled by military force. Now Israel is not occupying Palestine currently and never was. The real question is here was/is Palestine considered and a legitimate state, because until the israeli declaration of independence in 1948 there was no actual sovereign nation in those lands, the British Empire controlled that area after WWI as part of their Mandate. The big thing here is how can you legally “occupy” a state that is not yet sovereign?” According to Avinoam Sharon a former Military Lawyer for the Israel Defense Forces, who wrote in an article published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, the definition of occupation is this “First, the area is under the actual control of the hostile army. Second, the area was previously the sovereign territory of another state. Third, the occupier holds the area with the purpose of returning it to the prior sovereign” (Source Q: What do you think of Donald Trump’s recent decision of declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel? A:”I think that Trump made the right decision here and should stand by Israel in its times of need. Since many Arab countries have had violent protests recently because of this in support of Palestine, Israel should be on the lookout for attacks from different countries all around the globe, just a couple days ago an Israeli soldier stationed in Jerusalem got stabbed by a Palestinian man. Also Mahmoud Abbas (President of Palestinian National Authority) said that he no longer considers the US a mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict because of what Trump did, which means that there were will be harsher things said about America by the Palestinian Authority and some Arab countries will dislike America even more. I also think what Trump said will not help peace negotiations between the US and other countries, but the Middle-East needs to know that the US is standing behind what it says.” Katz, Yakkov. “Israel News.” The Jerusalem Post – Israel News,”BDS Movement.” BDS Movement, 16 Oct. 2017, bdsmovement.netBeauchamp, Zack. “Everything you need to know about Israel-Palestine.” Vox, 21 Nov. 2014,”Site | Meetings Coverage and Press Releases.” United Nations, United Nations,”Israeli–Palestinian conflict – Al Jazeera latest news.” Al Jazeera,”Jewish Voice for Peace.” Jewish Voice for Peace,”Daily Wire.” Daily Wire,