Some a new job or an internship. When I

Some of the professional behaviors,
values, and practices we should adhere in order to start off successfully in a
new job or internship are to keep in mind that your morals are important. Every
job in the workforce has certain guidelines in which employees have to follow.

As professional we should know that having a positive attitude, being
responsible, punctual, dress professionally, and being polite with others are
of the qualities that represent we really are and what potential as an employee
or for an internship. Also, the main key is to know your personal weakness and
strengths as a person because your weaknesses will give you the ability to
improve professionally or personally and in your strength will give you the
ability to push yourself forward towards any goals.  Understanding our values makes it simpler to
take decisions in any way because it will represent the way you want to live
your life and what you believe is important. Values guide you towards your
desires when applying to a new job or an internship.

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When I first applied to my first
job, some of my failures were not being prepared for my interview. I did not know
my weaknesses and strengths, and it was difficult for me to describe myself as
in those two ways. It was my mistake for not preparing myself beforehand.

Feeling intimated by others has always been one of my failures, but as time
goes by I am more confident. As my successes is that, I am good with working
with others or as a team. I am always willing to share my ideas and my skills
with others. What I wish someone had explained to me that may have made it
better was to prep, Analyze you who you are, and research information about the
place before applying. There is nothing life feeling prepared and confident.