Society as a community, but even further, the growth

Society has different desires, one of them being, the sense of belonging. There is a need to identify with a group to discover and affirm one’s identity, and to even prove their worthiness. The feeling of belonging is important for growth as a community, but even further, the growth to inner independence and freedom. However, with this ambition, many lose what makes humanity what it is: being an individual and not surrendering originality to the will of the majority. This leads to the question: is it a good idea to change in order to be apart of a group? Acknowledging both sides of this issue, no one should change who they are because it can lead to a decrease in creativity, feeling of isolation, and the addition of stress put on people by society.The first point that was mentioned was a decrease in creativity. People enjoy being different and unique, and being human allows that to become reality. In result, each person possesses characteristics that give a definition to who a person is. Creativity is a way of living life that embraces originality and allows people to create something new. The world is what it is from human beings finding innovative ways to negotiate with life and find ways around obstacles even if it hasn’t been done already. It expands people’s perceptions and allows for a blank canvas. If a person felt like they could not be themselves because they wanted to “fit in” and be part of a group, it would limit the creativity in that person’s life. Being different and creating things that haven’t been created, writing things that haven’t been written, and saying things that haven’t been said make up this world.  The second point that was addressed was the feeling of isolation. Isolation is a state of being where a person is set apart from anything that has to do with society. Sometimes it may occur when someone is by himself/herself but wants to be with another person. In other cases, it may occur while being part of a relationship but the person feels no connection.  In a article by Logan Feys, a man addresses someone who is known as a “non-conformist” or someone who does not conform to society. This non-conformist, known as Leopard Man, “lives in solitude” and people often “fear what they don’t understand,”(1) so they look down upon him. Leopard Man does not feel like there is people who accept him in society, making him a perfect target for isolation. As a result, he separates himself from the public and lives by himself, away from civilization .The last point that was made was the stress that society puts on people. Being forced to be like others brings stress that is difficult to manage. Most commonly known as peer pressure, this stress is when another person will force one to surrender to will of the majority, whatever it may be. As a result, this can cause problems in one’s life such as depression. People who are depressed live a life that they do not want to live in. People should not feel the pressure to fit in, as they are essentially giving up who they are in the process. In an article from “Live Strong” by Michelle Bolyn, she wrote, “If you’re depressed, you probably see no hope for the future.” This represents how deeply society has effect on people and a person who is not “normal.” gets targeted.Being an individual is far more important than being in a group. Individuality is vital to society, as it makes life as beautiful and one of a kind as it is. If everyone followed each other and what they knew worked, nothing would get discovered. In today’s world, people strive to belong to something, however, people should focus on living their life the best way they see fit, even if it hasn’t been done before. It is time to stop changing the person and start changing the world.