Socialization survive on our own and completely depend on

Socialization is
the activity of mixing socially with others or the process of learning to
behave in a way that is acceptable to society. Human development is perpetuated
by the social practices, values, and norms around us. There are four main
agents that contribute to human development: family, schools, peer
relationships, and the mass media.

In my opinion,
family is the most important agent of human development. When we are infants,
we cannot survive on our own and completely depend on others. Parents are held
accountable to teach us how to function and take are of ourselves. Children also
pick up ways of behavior and characteristics of their parents.

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School passes knowledge
onto kids and teaches them key lessons in life like: be quiet in class, be
punctual, and observe rules. Children also learn social skills in school. Daily
interactions with teachers and other students can really further develop a
child’s abilities. Children also acquire the significance of following